Stutter Walking After Using Skills

Happing to me as well. Tested it and same outcome as mike.

So I guess they messed something up with the STR stat.

Yup, he’s right. It must cause problems with other animations, not just roll.

Latest Dev blog:

250 Strength Bug

There is currently an issue where once your Strength Attribute reaches 250 you can no longer roll. This is a bug and the team is working to address it.

Using 249 helps, but it still happens sometimes, there’s just random stuttering overall. it’s a mess. Game runs like overall crap since the update.

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same thing here

Here is a better video showing the bug. It also triggers randomly sometimes when CC’d and the stamina bar flickers.

Can I get reimbursed for all the coins I wasted re-specing to figure out the bug…please add it to the list of things to fix so I can play the game again…

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yes, i can confirm on my character as well, using great axe happening almost always after a charge attack. this is so annoying.

What is your strength and current inventory max weight Trying to see if more inventory weight will help.

i have this problem aswell after i did a respec to 300 strenght so looks like that’s the problem :frowning:

Guess we are all going 249 STR for the next week or two…or three.

Sadly it seems that why, i’ll probably swap to a dex build or something.
would be nice if a mod could let us know that this problem is being worked on or not :slight_smile:

I talked to customer support live chat and they said it was an emerging issue and they are working on a fix. They said their should be one “real soon”. (it’s not on the known issues mega thread though). My issue is now some people can’t use the gear they have (or forced to buy new gear) or have to spend gold to keep re-specing to adjust stats to keep str under 250. I spent a lot to figure out it was the str stat causing it.

It still happens occasionally and you will see the stamina bar flicker ev egg n below 250 STR.

This game needs a test server or something to look at these things before making the game unplayable for a week or longer.

Alright as long as they are on it im not to worried about it, with the new low respec prices it’s not that big of a deal

I don’t have any dex/int gear or weapons at 20, so I just went con tank for now.

It’s not just the 250+ STR that causes it (Although having 250+ makes it much worse). Did a war with 200 STR 250 CON and my character just stuttered and spasmed out the whole time. Had good FPS and MS. I would take the hatchet bug being back over this.

It’s anything that alters your movement speed or the XYZ axis of the character whilst in another animation, such as an heavy attack etc, and character gets a certain boost, we have those in many different forms, in hatchet, bow, etc, etc.

  • Any animation that overlaps the other (whilst trying to cancel it) and gives a buff to your character tends to cause stutter, and or any animation that just overlaps one another in general, which makes your character seem like walking running at the same time, not knowing what animation to play anymore until the duration is over

  • This especially happens if the ability you use cancel the previous animation you were using (in instane running or whatever) or simply idle standing, then forcing it into a charge or a movement from an ability and boom, stutter

250str+ bug is there since beginning and issue is that you’re locked in animations. Below 250str u can cancel certain skill animations with dodge, but 250+ doesn’t allow that while animation isn’t fully completed. Also for skills that can’t be canceled with dodge, the dodge window is +1-2 seconds.
This stutter walk bug is just addition after 1.0.5. patch

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I brought this up in my server’s chat and people were randomly toxic or telling me to get a better router, call my isp, play another game, etc etc. But I supposed people aren’t as zealous and protective about this game now that we can all agree the game does have a buggy system with too many server issues.

Indeed, dupe lost me, but had high hopes for 1.0.5. patch.
After 1.0.5. patch server lag + lag compensation was last nail in the coffin…

Now im just a forum warrior

Yea, between the lag and the stutter glitch, all I do is fish until 1.0.6. A little info from the dev’s would be nice……However since it was an existing bug that they made worse….who knows what will happen next update.