Submit your high score

As we all know by now, we did NOT buy New World. We bought queue simulator.

Submit your highest queue time to see who is waiting the most, and what server you are on.

my record is 3 hours waiting yesterday.

4 hours straight, got back from work around 5.30pm > started my pc up > started New World > got in que > 4 hours waiting and then I could play. Didn’t get disconnected or anything. I play on EU Central and had a que of 4k people.

I waited for 3 hours and I was disconnected at the 20th place

when you get disconnected just press ok on the message and wait. dont press anything else because you are still in the queue.

I waited, due to queue kicks, 8 hours on launch day. Also got this piece:

Logged in first thing at 8 am EST on Tuesday, didn’t get into the server until 3:30 after being in queue for about 8k or so. Had it broadcasting on twitch too and recorded along with two other people whom were 6k and 4k whom had logged in at the same time. My fall from grace was not copy pasting in a name that was premade and approved, along with accepting a random appearance.

3 hours then dc i gave up after

Longest is 6h. After that I gave up, took a 3h nap. When I woke during the night there weren’t any ques lol

was waiting 400-500 players in front of me for 3 hours. just turned pc off and went to sleep

My record was around 5500 yesterday. Today I only had position ~3300 when I started queueing.

Haven’t had to wait yet. You all need to reassess your lives.

Position 2945, waiting to log into Asgard :slight_smile:

3700 now. But I have been kicked three times today, I’ve been in que for 5 hours in todal today… 0mins playtime today.

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