Substantial Flaw In The Game

The player run economy is a great concept, but there’s one key flaw. You can’t trust 15-16 year olds or middle aged men who quit their jobs to play NW with an economy. I’m sorry to say it, but the community just doesn’t have the braincells to keep an eco afloat, I’m really enjoying the game I have almost no issues with it and I understand the market crisis is more of a playerbase issue then it is a game issue, but still doesn’t change the fact that a good majority of the community have an IQ lower then 60.

Same goes for the exploits. we got youngsters and bums trying to play the game ONLY if they can exploit. The players are ruining the concepts that should theoretically work.

They found an invincibility bug with hatchet… they fixed that… Then they found one with IG… The sooner we can get this fixed the better. I’m tired of players trying to sweat neck this game to death.

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