Such a shame to see the VG Slip n Slide combo removed

Yes, I realise it was a bug but it was such a good mechanic. It could have been toned down so it only went 15m instead of 23m which was OP.

More combo based abilities would make the combat more interesting and raise the skill cap.

I’m generally against more CC (we have too much in group battles) but just for example - Scream into Oblivion roots everyone in the Oblivion but for a shorter time.

Fireball into Meteor storm creates a giant meteor.

Splinter shot into poison cloud spreads the poison.

Charge in to Gravwell expands the well.

Just some ideas off the top of my head that would make things more interesting and maybe revitalise some of the unused abilities.

An absolute clown trying to add fuel to the fire for virtual validation in the form of likes. Show some respect and have some shame.

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The game is dying and needs some new ideas. Good or bad is up to the Devs to decide.

Who made you the ruler of what ideas are OK? Get back in your box.

I would like to see weapon mastery raised to 25 and have new passives that add cool combos and perks, if not a new ability key altogether.

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I’d like to see more than 6 main abilities on the weapons, but 7 or 8.

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