[Sugestion] More incentive for players to flag pvp

Hi, i wanna sugest to make players walk/run faster when flagged for pvp, like a 10-15% permanent haste buff while flagged. This will make it more atractive for players to be pvp flagged as is can be a huge cut in travel times, while also boosting the pvp experience both in quality and quantity.
This taps into the mount subject which i believe is gonna play a major factor of killing open world pvp completely, if added to the game. So please weight this sugestion seriously.

Another thing i’d like to sugest is to make it possible to turn pvp flag on even if you are out in the world, however maintaining its property of only be able to be turned off when in a town or shrine.

Lastly i wanna sugest that a player either be blocked of entering a sanctuary if been participant in a combat (either by attacking or getting attacked) for the last 10 seconds, or it is allowed to enter but the pvp flag stays up until the 10 seconds of no combat engagement has passed, which would be much more intresting, having combats going on inside towns (however i cannot antecipate the impact this would have in performance).

Hope these sugestions bring something positive for the community. Peace out

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i think so too.
It is necesary more incentives to flag pvp

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