Suggest gear for expeditions

Yo boys

I had my corrupted gear and weapon with bane upgraded to 610. And now there is no corruption and I have to upgrade a new set. Do you all have like 5 sets for different expeditions? Maybe in a long run. But I’m a new player on a fresh start server.
Should I bite the bullet and start upgrading earth gear and weapon now?

Maybe there is some universal set? That won’t be much worse. Maybe like 3 parts corruption ward and 2 parts earth or something?
And a weapon with some other perks than bane, something that will make a bit less dmg but will work in most expeditions?

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Yes - completely different sets of gear for each individual creature type.

Ancient, Lost, Angry Earth, and Corrupted.

Most folks push really hard in one type till they max out that gear and can farm one or more instances in that type. They use those weeks to fund the other sets. You don’t need BIS gear just a set of gear with at least wards for the creature type on each piece.

For corrupted you can get complete sets of gear including weapons out of Tempest form the final caches you get from the quest giver. Every armor type and weapon type appears in one of first six chests you get.

TBH building ward sets is a lot harder to do now than it was pre summer patch. Prior to the patch wards appeared a lot more commonly than resilience on gear now its reversed. Most gear drops with resilient not wards.

However its easy and tbh relatively cheap to craft 2 perk gear using scarabs especially since you don’t need 3 perk bis to do mutations.

If your serious about doing expeditions… you need full ward set for each and full bane weapons for each. It’s like raid teirs except you can pick one to work on first instead of the others while you build your gear for the other expeditions.

That said you can get by with generic gear and weapons upto about M5 or M6 - most groups struggle at that point without them except in circumstances with exceptional players. Also keep in mind if you go no wards no banes you aren’t going to be able to survive to run these 5 con 50 con builds you find from people nor are you going to have an easy time golding expeditions with the timers.

As a Tank that does M10 Mutations on all the dungeons. Yes, I basically crafted all of my expedition gear to have ward of each dungeon type and refreshing.

However, ward gear really isnt needing for regular expeditions. Im speaking from a tanks pov.

corrupted dungeons are usually ever week besides weeks like this (which isn’t common) so I’d recommend saving the shards you get from chests for your corrupt ward set

up to you tho, you will need other ward sets eventually

I do have all set ancient angry earth corrupt for heal andbdps but not for tank but
For a starter i suggest corrupted and ancient bcs most mutations are corrupted

I’m also more or less a newbie (re-entrant), I think it sucks that you have to change your armor / gems / weapons for every enemy type and we don’t even have a decent loadout management.