Suggestion: 15-20 player PvE Raids (Game Mode)

I think there should be PvE matchmaking instances that give comparable rewards to Outpost Rush. This option should require half of the players as Outpost Rush, because the other half would be randomly selected Ancient/Corrupted/Lost/AngryEarth encounters with unique maps for each enemy type. This would be an “easier to start” game since fewer players would be needed, so the servers’ off-peak times would have better chances to do something for team rewards.

There could maybe even be raid bosses for these types of encounters.

…besides, what good are all those taunt skills in PvP? It would be nice if taunting at least redirected damage within an area or something, (which would really give Defiant Stance a true purpose = damage mitigation + redirecting damage). Plus, if Light Armor gets 30% increased damage, then shouldn’t Heavy Armor get 30% damage reduction… that and 200CON should probably get 25% bonus for increase to armor, or better yet - be automatically boosting effectiveness of armor to the next higher weight-class: LightWeight becomes MediumClass, MediumWeight becomes HeavyClass, HeavyWeight becomes TANKclass). I’m pretty sure that, as it stands currently, 200CON doesn’t add nearly as much armor for Light Armor as it does for Heavy Armor, making the threshold less appealing or rewarding and more-dependent on weight-class.

getting back on topic to my suggestion… I also suggest these raids be level inclusive, so that instances are procedurally generated in a range of ten levels: 11-20, 21-30, 31-40, 41-50, and levels 51-60. The mob variety and bosses could be unique in your level bracket, but they could use the same maps.

You might say that currently servers can’t support a simultaneous Oupost Rush style PvP and Raid PvE ecosystem, because these instances would compete for players and there aren’t enough to go around all the time. Well, this is where cooldowns could come into play. Each PvE “raid” match-type, (Ancients/Lost/AngryEarth/Corrupted), could have its own cooldown and the encounters could be randomly predetermined before queuing.

New matches could be queued every half-hour, have a 45-minute signup window in order to form a group, and then have a 2-hour cooldown - for each-participant - corresponding to the particular match-type that was played.

bump; (I added a solution to the top and changed the title of my suggestion)

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