[SUGGESTION] Add mannequins or closet in Houses and Inns for quick Gear Swapping

Yesterday, I was holding a discussion with other players when I was pondering on all of the weapons and gear (sets) I have accumulated through out my adventures and thought…

“Wouldn’t it be great if players could save their pieces of gear and weapons as a set on a mannequin or closet inside our house or players without a house, inside the Inn, like a closet and equip them just by interacting with it…”

That was just the spark I needed to ignite the brainstorming others chimed on as I presented my ideas in Global chat. Majority of the players responded with positive feedback and thought It would be a great idea to save and interchange into saved gear sets on a whim.

The idea is for the screen to pop up just like your inventory screen does when you interact with the mannequin or closet with E. On the mannequin or closet the player can either double-click or drag their choice of gear, jewelry and weapon(s) they can save to the mannequin or closet, thus removing the items from inventory/storage (which would remove TONS of storage weight and add more storage space for other items).

The player would then have a notification if they wish to save the current set with a Yes or No confirmation thereafter. The items would display on the mannequin or inside the closet. Upon returning to the mannequin or closet, the player would then interact with the mannequin or closet with E, and choose which set (suggestively allow player to name the set and allowing 10 saved slots for closet sets) they wish to select with a prompt notification **Do you wish to equip this set?" with a Yes/No confirmation, and automatically equips onto the player and leave the mannequin or closet by pressing E again.

The player is only allowed up to 10 Display Mannequins or 1 Lacquered Mahogany Closet within their house.

Furniture that can be bought or sold on the Trading Post:

Item Name:
Display Mannequin
(displays the current players saved gear and weapon set, 1 save slot per mannequin)

Requires Furnishing Skill Level 50
Requires Workshop Tier 3
Awards 30 XP for Furnishing Skill
Awards 6 Territory Standing
Crafting Tax: 0.37 coin

Required Recipe:
Schematic: Display Mannequin
(can be found from enemy drops or Stockpile chests)

20x Beeswax (for Mannequin Mold)
5x Steel Ingots (for metal frame)
3x Wyrdwood Planks (for a wooden stand)
x2 Field Peach Dye (for mannequin color. Refer to Field Peach Dye requirements)

Yield: 1 per craft

Item Name:
Lacquered Mahogany Closet
(displays the current players saved gear set including weapons, up to 10 save slots)

Requires Furnishing Skill Level 200
Requires Workshop Tier 5
Awards 15,040 XP for Furnishing Skill
Awards 47 Territory Standing
Crafting Tax: 3.00 coin

Required Recipe:
Schematic: Lacquered Mahogany Closet
(can be found from enemy drops or Stockpile chests)

35x Ironwood Planks
10x Orichalcum Ingots (for metal parts)
2x Mahogany Stain

Yield: 1 closet per craft

In conclusion, this would be a game changing solution to the current issue players have stockpiling items in their storage or on hand inventory and are somewhat “forced” to purchase a higher tier house with more storage chests that can be displayed to increase storage capacity. This would also mitigate majority of stockpiling for lower level players that do no wish to purchase a house until they have the funds by utilizing a closet within the settlements Inn. However, the catch is, players that do own a house (in any territory) are unable to interact, store or save gear sets within the Inn closet since they already have the mannequin and closet which they can craft and place within their house.


I thought this topic would grab some more attention from other players. But thank you for someone taking the time reading and liking it. At least I know someone thought this is a good idea.

On a side note, I did watch the latest Dev video and they explained they are taking measures to formulize a plan for quicker gear swapping and set saving. A step in the right direction, just figured I’d produce some inspiration in my suggestion above. Thanks.

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Being able to change saved sets would make things so much easier, since many have different gear for PvP, PvE, crafting and what do I know what.
I also found it kinda sad that I can’t display my old gear at my house.
Your idea combines both of those things and I really like it. Hope some more people find this post!

I didn’t watch the video, just read the summary, but that sounds promising :ok_hand:

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