(suggestion) **balance**

It’s a very simple job. then everything will be balanced

1-) First of all, Medium-Heavy armors should be added negative damage and heal bonus.
Medium -%10 damage -%10 heal bonus
Heavy -%20 damage -%20 heal bonus
(based on current statistics)
Most important
2-) Relocation of stat bonuses

Bonus unlocked at 150 Cons (-10% to Critical damage taken) to change 100 Cons bonus ( increase max health by %10 of your physical armor
Bonus unlocked at 200 Cons (%20 increase to armor) to change 300 cons bonus +%20 duration of stun, slow, and root spells (especially this ability needs to be changed because it is very, very op)

Bonus unlocked at 150 Focus (+%20 Healing outpu) to change 300 Focus bonus ( When your mana hits 15 or less gain %200mana regen for 10s(60s CD) )

Bonus unlocked at 150 INT (+%15 ELEMENTAL DAMAGE) to change 300 INT (+%10 Damage on first hit on full health target) (especially this ability needs to be changed because it is very, very op)

Bonus unlocked at 50 STR (+%5 Damage to melee weapon light attacks) to change 100 STR bonus (+%10 damage to melee weapon heavy attacks)

no problem with dex bonuses

If you make these changes, the game will become much more balanced.

CAUSE high damage, low defense - High defans, Low damage

**The current situation is like this: High damage, High defans…

it’s not difficult to make this change, please at least try

Their idea of balance is like a basketball kid who put a ton of hours into practicing each day to make starter only to have that one kid who put zero effort to make starter because life created a patch and made life easier for everyone. Regardless, effort and grind should be rewarded more than the kid with zero effort instead of slapping on a patch, because the zero effort kid complained about how hard it is.

heavy is balanced sure you might do less damg but they are in the frontline and get attacked from evryone even a heavy with 200con can melt in 1-2sec in the frontline/on point cap so nerfing 20% damg is just insane and stupid

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