Suggestion: change crafting system

Allow for 2 mods for tier 4 crafts and 3 mods for tier 5 but make mod items not drop from chest Or mobs but a small chance to drop from salvaged item with that perk. The chance would be grater the higher GS of an item. It would make dripped gear salvage much more fun and create a market for both mods and items with desirable perks.

Ok buddy, you salvage all that gear and the mods cease to exist. Your horrible at suggestions. Please stop.

Go cut wood.

If the chance was high to begin with, and was improved up to 25% chance to get a mod drop from salvaging when one is 200 skill at the item’s crafting profession, it might work.

I’m not suggesting mods to become super rare. Decent drop chance increased for epics and by crafting skill should make it fun to buy or pickup gear that is useless now.

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