Suggestion: Change "Holiday" Armor Gear Scores to Variable

The holiday armors being offered this “Winter Convergence” (2021 at the time of this post) have some very nice looking designs. They would be great to show the community, especially new players joining in 2022. Unfortunately, they are fixed at a 520 gear score. This makes them less than desirable for end game players (even with the really nice perks).

Suggestion: Let the armor sets in special events like the Winter Convergence be based on the player’s Expertise instead of a fixed gear score number. That way, whatever gear expertise the player has gotten up to that point, that’s what the Winter Convergence armor is. And when the player moves up a point or two, so does the gear score on the Winter Convergence armor. Thus, the “holiday” armor is always where the player is and it encourages players to level their Expertise (getting stronger as they do so).

I realize its too late to do that for this year, but its a suggestion that I hope the Devs will consider for next year’s Winter Convergence.

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