SUGGESTION: change the ballistic advantage passive on the musket tree (no damage range falloff) to (increase damage to enemy's within 10m by 10%)

The only issue with musket is that it has no range fall off. ags thought of this and actually put it on the weapon. The odd part is there is a passive that removes the range fall off. This passive is too strong and used on EVERY musket build. Change this and muskets are in a good spot. I suggest changing the passive to instead (increases standard musket shots by 10% within 10 meters).


Any form of nerf to the musket without a defensive buff or a damage increase in closer range, is going to destroy the weapon.

It’s already near useless in any form of raiding/dungeons. I have personally been kicked because I had a musket on my back. In fact I have had to create a canned response anytime I enter a PUG to state “I know muskets are terrible in PVE, I use mine only for a dot opener and then use my melee weapon for actual engagement”.

The usual response is something like “ok, as long as you are not using the musket as your primary DPS”.

The issue with muskets is not the damage. Muskets in fact are not strong weapons at all. The issue is mortal empowerment, a forced glass cannon build and 3 specific perks that are necessary.

A musket player who does not have the gold to align all these stars is simply not running the gamut in OPR, and especially not in arena, so any actual weapon changes only nerf a nerfed weapon.

Many players are choosing musket because they are tired of getting 2 shot by melee.

The mass amount of ranged players we see is a direct result of this.

If you are going to detune musket, you also need to detune healing, and melee stuns/slows/DPS, and detune bow at the same time.

Might want to take a look into fire mages flamethrower as well. In arena its BROKEN.

Yea I would suggest changing this passive to increase musket shots within 10m by 10 percent to compensate. You are deeply mistaken if you think having zero range fall off is ok

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Range falloff is not the issue.

Do muskets perform admirably in PVP if lets say the musket has crit, crit damage and vorpal. All three perks themselves very strong, that gun itself would be a “BIS” on any given day.

But take that gun, with a 150 or even 100 con build. Without a mortal empowerment ring.

Do you honestly believe then, that muskets are still going to rule the roost?

You are sadly mistaken if you think range fall off is the issue.

it is the issue only way to kill them is another musket common man. even a good musket would say this

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The musket in my scenario, stellar gear but not current cheese and without mortal empowerment would be trash in PVP full stop, regardless of the format.

Increasing range fall off does nothing.

Balancing musket in PvE is easy: give infinite orichalcum ammo in dungeons

Now in PvP:
Agree with op.
Hitscan and X3 zoom gotta go.
Buff it in long mid range to compensate


Ammo is not the issue with musket in PVE/dungeons. Its TERRIBLE DPS. It takes too long to reload to get any good dps because frankly, contrary to popular belief, the musket DPS is utter junk.

Go watch a stream (insert any melee) and notice the 7k numbers flying left and right. The musket wont even get that high and the damage is slow, on top of having to aim. Melee do not need to aim, just mash buttons.

So, no. Adding “infinite ammo” changes nothing because ammo is not the issue.

Bullet drop is also not the issue.

The issue, as I stated and as time has told, is not the musket, its mortal empowerment. Before mortal empowerment, muskets were trash in PVP. In fact, the only way muskets do any good today is if they run extremely specific BIS Musket with enchanted, attunement and keenly empowered.

You also need a mortal empowerment ring with thrust and burning.

Removing mortal empowerment from that list, will drastically reduce musket effectiveness. Having a musket any lesser than the one I described also drastically reduces effectiveness.

And this is all on top of the fact that muskets have to run no con to make this build effective.

Remove mortal empowerment and muskets go back to being trash weapons TODAY. So any form of nerf on the musket is an absolutely ridiculous suggestion.

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dude mortal empowerment wouldn’t be an issue if they couldn’t sit across the map building stacks for free. If they gotta be closer they would be put in a position to actually lose the stacks.


This would be a good start towards finding a good spot for the musket. Supported.

That musket is garbage actually…absolutely not BIS, just saying :rofl:

Anywho…yea. Musket builds aren’t viable above 50 con.

As a result of forced lower health, the play style of muskets, often involve staying at a distance and having a play style that isn’t liked.

Would LOVE for them to make the trapper tree more viable. It’s ok at best…but it still doesn’t do enough to be able to handle up close fights very well.

I have about 2300ish hours now, using a musket.

I’ve used it long before mortal empowerment, and after.

I can confidently say, mortal empowerment needs to go. It’s absolutely insane. Once you push to about 10 stacks, you become a freaking machine. Even non crits will start hitting hard hard. This is why you’ll see muskets go 30+ kills in OPR. This is why they’re being cried about right now.

The musket itself, is fine at long range, and so so at close range. It takes LOTS of patience and stamina management to do well with close range. A lot has to do with rapier, which is sad to say. Good bows absolutely eats good muskets up close. Same can be said for FS/IG users and IG/VG users. Same with skitzos (s&s builds) and Rapier/Spear users. Same also said for good ligh/med WH/GA users. 200 con, shirking fort healers, are nearly impossible to kill with musket (possible if they make a couple mistakes back to back)

A good player absolutelt beats a good musket up close. A good player is also harder to kill from a distance even.

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You’re just biased because you farm them stacks up pretty quick :rofl:

nah invig punishment>mortal emcamper

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nah doc, the only issue with musket is the powder burn a.K.a highest single target DOT in the game. Try using musket without powder burn, and notice a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge nerf to musket as whole, from damage per second to effectiveness as main weapon alone.

nah it would be awful if they nerfed anything other than the range.

even if they reduce effective range by any means, Powder Burn + Keen Jagged + Runeglass DOT will be enough to kill squishies in 1-2 shot while ignoring the range differences

In the end it’s still going to be 1KM sniper due to superior DOT despite the overhaul (unless dev make bullet dissapear midway which is aaawkaaard lol), the difference is that there less people with accurate.

I mean range fall off is a start no?

those DOT stack doesn’t give a damn about range effectiveness, and you get load of damage buff once you set target on fire. Those combination can easily negate damage reduction on second shot, and musket damage is always at it’s peak when it comes to follow up-shot unlike bow shoot-and-forget policies.