[Suggestion] Change to Companies and Territories to address major issues

To start this let’s talk about the issues that I’m trying to address with this suggestion.

The Problem:

  1. Companies creating proxy companies to declare war and hold multiple territories on different siege timers to enable them to defend them all.

  2. Players hopping to other companies that own territory to get the 20% discount on a house then hopping back.

  3. Companies earning massive amounts of gold and either rocketing ahead of other companies or in many cases selling it for real-world profit.

These are the issues I see being discussed as making the company and territory systems in New World feel like a negative rather than a positive feature of the game.

As far as I see, the war and territory control elements of the game are what many players are most interested in and the above issues render the entire system feeling pointless on many servers.
If you are in one of the companies that own most of the map, you have no real risk of losing them and no real challenge. and if you’re in any other company you are discouraged from trying as the system is being abused to make it almost impossible for you to win.

My Solution:

I believe that the following changes would directly address and resolve most of the issues discussed above. And only the 3rd point below would require significant work.

  1. Players may not sign up for any wars until they have been in their company for X time.

  2. Players may not rejoin a company they recently left for X time.

  3. Remove the company Treasury and replace it with a new system where town taxes are instead converted into a new thing. Let’s call it “Territory Resources” which are specific to the territory

Solution 1 and 2 are designed to address the problems outlined above in points 1 and 2.

Solution 3 requires more discussion and would directly resolve the 3rd problem discussed above by removing the gold, while replacing it with another mechanic to provide significant benefits to owning territory.

The new Territory Resources system would replace the existing treasury but would be generating points in the same way the current treasury generates money. As territories collect tax money from housing, trading, crafting, and refining taxes, this money would be converted into “Territory Resources” that would go towards earning certain upgrades for that territory. As decided on by the controlling company.

Each territory may have some benefits unique to that territory to increase how desirable each territory is and may have some standard upgrades that are available to all territories. This could be seen as an expansion of the Town Project bonuses that already exist, but for the purposes of this, I’m going to assume it’s a separate system from town board missions.

Territory Resources System Example:
Let’s say for example my company owns Everfall.
Everfall may have 6 different upgrade paths to choose from the first 4 being universal across all territories and the last 2 being unique to Everfall.

  1. Crafting Station Upgrade - Additional Minimum GS when crafting within Everfall
  2. Refining Station Upgrade - Additional Chance to craft multiple items within Everfall
  3. Church Upgrade - Additional Global Luck
  4. Citizen Fortitude - Increased difficulty to gain Influence for non-controlling factions
  5. Mining Research - Bonus Mining Xp when mining Globally
  6. Angry Earth Research - Bonus Damage against Angry Earth Globally

In this example, Everfall earns 400,000 Territory Resources per week and each upgrade requires 100,000 resources invested before the buff is active. And once the buff is active it remains active for all company members for 7 days. The number of resources earned each week would vary based on the taxes in the town as it does now.

I then need to decide which of those 6 upgrades I want to prioritize. by assigning a percentage to each of them. Let’s say I do this by visiting the governor’s desk and moving 6 sliders for each upgrade path the same way I would with town taxes.
This will then assign a relevant amount of all resources generated towards each upgrade.

In this example, I choose the following values for each upgrade

  1. |-------------------------[25%]---------------------------------------------------------------------------|
  2. |-------------------------[25%]---------------------------------------------------------------------------|
  3. |--------------------[20%]--------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
  4. |-------[7%]---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
  5. |------------[12%]----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
  6. |------------[12%]----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|

This would mean that since 25% of 400,000 this week is 100,000 that is enough to complete the first 2 upgrades in 7 days meaning if this remains the same every week, I can maintain those buffs 100% of the time.
The other buffs do not have enough resources assigned to them for them to be completed within the 7 days that the buff will remain active, meaning the buff will expire until the upgrade is completed again.
If a buff is completed before it has expired, a new buff is started anyway. Some buffs may stack while others are exclusive.

The idea is to create an incentive to keep all members in 1 company and effectively prevent them from hopping to a proxy company to push influence only to hop right back.
The above changes would provide that incentive to stay in the one company so they can keep the benefits provided by it. And would further enforce that by locking them out of wars and from rejoining the company for a significant Chuck of time should they decide to do that.
This will also completely resolve the issue of big companies selling the gold they earn as they would no longer earn any.

This is would obviously need significant fleshing out with suitable town upgrades to choose from and would need balancing but this should give you an idea of how it would work.

I’m happy to discuss this further if any AWS devs are interested.


They do need to rethink their war system a bit. Some things they could do to discourage a group of 40 players from dominating a server. Maybe limit the amount of non-company folks from participating in other companies wars to 15, and add a 7-day cooldown after joining a company to prevent joining another company in that time period. This might provide enough moving parts to make managing multiple shell companies too much a hassle to be worthwhile while minimally affecting everyone. The only negative affect I could see this having is territory ownership for companies with less than 35 active players.

If they would’ve had world wide trading post access at the beginning of the game, maybe it could’ve prevented the rise of windsward/everfall/brightwood from becoming the cash cows they are today, but the penalty for moving houses is too detrimental, especially to casuals, to spread wealth outside those cities. It’s asking a lot to have casuals eat the 10-50k loss of moving houses outside of those 3 territories.

If the housing system was more fluid and not as punishing, asking people to move away from those cities would probably have a bigger impact on wealth distribution. If you could sell back your houses for only a 5k loss, we might see a more diverse housing market across all the territories.

And since you’re more likely to ‘recall to house’ when you’re refining/selling to trading post etc. Moving out to the boonies could help poor territories prosper better.

Yes, I do agree that the housing system should be changed to either allow people to transfer from one house to another or to allow people to refund the purchase either partially or fully so they can buy another house somewhere else.

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