Suggestion: Combine Perks

Running multiple sets of armor for four different wards is a bit expensive. Please combine the wards into a single ward perk.

Also, for PvP, since everyone “requires” Resilient and Freedom, combine them into a single perk (leaving room for two other perks of choice for different builds).

And also, since Invigorated and Vigor are lackluster, please just combine them into a single ‘defensive’ perk.

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This is Resilience as imagined by blizzard for wow, before it was removed. It was reimagined for new world, but poorly implemented - every piece of pvp gear from wow had resilience, and almost no piece of pve gear had it.

Resilience in wow was removed when they started balancing pve and pvp separately. Doing so in NW makes little sense, because there is little content in either.

“Resilience” was split in NW into resil/vigor/aversion/shirking fort to dilute the item affix pool to reduce player power (delaying a need for balancing) and to make the RNG gear gamble chase the true endgame content (reducing paid development hours).

I agree some pvp perks should be combined, but the requirement of that would be a true concerted effort at pvp balance (i.e. minor tweaks each patch), a true gear progression system, and a complete crafting overhaul.

With the current new world development team, I think they’d much rather keep it as-is because it makes a lot more sense from a business perspective - less development cost, more profit to report to their overlords.

I disagree because I want them to make mixed creature invasions and if your PVE armor is warded against everything that would be too easy in that scenario that currently does not even exist but should in the future.