Suggestion: Community Helper Role

Amazon, IMO<

This game needs a trusted community helper role that has access to contacting admins. The roles can be given to a trusted player base to help people that are having in-game issues and mentor new players if they choose to be in that program. Here is my idea:

The helper roles can:

  • Report real time issues to admins
  • Can mentor their own group of newbies/players if they choose to be in the mentored role/onborading.
  • Can have their own set of reports they can send to Admins
  • Can closely monitor exploiting, bad behavior and bots, quickly being able to send that info to the admin team.


  • Trusted member of the public
  • Some type of application system
  • Tenure in game

So on so fourth. I would really like to see this implemented in another MMO. I am curious what everyone else thinks.

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