[Suggestion] Counter-Dupe Suspicious Behavior Flags and Auto-Trade Bans

In addition to fixing the root causes of these duping issues. While your at it, throw in some counter-dupe exploit initiatives that trigger if someone appears to be attempting to try and dupe (even if its fixed and its impossible to do); have it do the following:

  1. if the server sees a client continually lagging out immediately after a coin or item transaction and they try to do it again (even just to “test it”) it first warns both parties the server is detecting suspicious behavior after the 2nd instance. They are now flagged suspicious for 24 hours.

  2. The 1st warning also comes with a 5 min cooldown before they can trade or interact with gold transfer again, in case it really was just weird lagging for one of the parties involved.

  3. Since players involved are flagged now for 24 hours, if either of them continue to lag out during coin transfers/trading following their 5 min trading restriction; a 3rd instance, will increase the cooldown for both parties involved from 5 mins to an hour of no trading gold/tradehouse/trading with players.

  4. if after the hour trade cooldown they attempt to test stuff again a 4th time, have them all lose trading privilege’s for 24 hours. They are also now flagged on the backend for 7 days as very suspicious behavior.

  5. The game warns them: “You have been flagged for continuous suspicious behavior and should avoid trading, using the auction house, or sending coin until all latency issues are resolved. If you continue to use them, you do so at your own risk. Failure to avoid may result in loss of content.”

  6. if they attempt to mess around with it a 5th time, after their 24 hour trading ban period has cooled down, and within the 7 day suspicious behavior autoflag, have them have permanent trading ban until an investigation is made on their actions; following the investigation if it does appear to be attempting to figure out how to dupe (even testing). Initiate a permanent account ban.

Result: Hopefully no one will want to ever try to find a way to dupe things ever again. It’s just not worth it.

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