[Suggestion] Crafting Rework

I don’t like the current gambling RNG Crafting System.

My suggestion:

Implent a Minigame for each Profession, depending on the Resources you put in and the better you are at said Minigame the better the predetermined Item you craft. (Something along the lines of Skyrim Lockpicking, or the Minigame for Fishing)
The higher Tier of Item you Craft and the more Perks you assign, the harder the Game gets. Crafting Good items would hence come down to Skill and not to RNG.

Spending Money and Resources to Level up a Job (Grinding your way) would be pretty much useless, as YOU (The Player) would have to actually learn that Job, Hone your Skills and get Better (not your Character).
That way everyone could craft everything but only those with the actual Skill can consistently produce good Items, this will encourage Players to learn the System. “You” are the main Factor in how good your Crafted Item is, not some Random Generated Number.

Some will Smith good Weapons sooner, some later, some never at all.
Keep in mind, there are many Professions that you could learn and set your Focus on. Also if one Profession does not work out for you, there are many more to try.
There is a saying where I’m from: “Es ist noch kein Meister vom Himmel gefallen” which roughly translates to “No master has ever fallen from the Sky” meaning, you become a Master by making mistakes and learning from them, you are not just spawned that way.

When you reach the status of a Master Crafter your Skills will be sought after and paid for accordingly. This whole thing could set a completely new Way to participate in the World of NewWorld and find Accomplishement through Challenge.

Feel free to Discuss, but keep it Civil. :wink:


Make it unbottable.

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Whats your take on this Idea? You allways seem to like discussing Suggestions. :slight_smile:

Your suggestion is interesting, but this part gives me pause. I’d be open to a mini game, but I think it may be hard to balance the difficulty level to where people can craft reasonably. Like maybe if you really suck at the mini game you craft at the current legendary rate as a floor?

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