SUGGESTION: Daily active players

Hello AGS. In the past weeks, I see no resolve in the heat from refunders or ex-players that are upset. The common thread: “There is only 250 players on, it’s a dead server”.

People have a very hard time to understand what concurrent players mean versus how many daily active players there are. This game is very easy to grow at your own pace. You can play 1hr per day and have a lot of fun. Daily active is more important than concurrent players. Concurrent players is useful to know, if you plan to transfer to a world that has a long wait queue.

But the real statistics is to see how many daily active players there are. That shows the real health of the game.

SOLUTION: Provide Daily Active Players in the stats. Like this, it will be much easier to analyze.


This is a double edged sword, sadly. It can both hurt, and help…

As things are, people cite concurrent player count as-if it’s the total player count → something that’s obviously false. However, at the same time that it’s also not known (by us – being the players), many also realize that the two metrics are not the same. Obviously the New World team has the actual total active player count … and players only may speculate at what this is – their speculation may be higher, lower, or equal to CCU.

More information for players isn’t necessarily a good thing, as seeing a finite count, which someone perceives as low, can equally cause exodus from a world cluster vs some perceived / extrapolated count. With uncertainty, players are often less likely to hop ship – as they don’t know exactly what factor the CCU relates to active counts.

e.g: In many MMO’s, there’s a reason that statistics on these counts are not released.

Unfortunately the linkage to Steam forces one of them to be available.


I agree, it can be a double-edged sword, cuz then everyone can see the drop in daily usage. But that’s what transparency is all about.

But since this game doesn’t require 10 hours per day to be good at it, unlike other MMOs, I believe, as a Data analyst in RL, it should be a stat worth looking at eventually, to calm the refunders/agree ex players.

Sure, the first month’s data is not a good baseline, but that’s easy to understand.

If they prefer to be opaque and live with the completely disrespectful poison the forums and Steam discussion board are, that’s on them, but it baffles me.

For sure… Then you probably don’t understand anything about your job - or how do you explain this questionable source (mmo-population)?

During “peak times” is what is important to me. Who cares if the server holds 250 over a day, if as mine the upper number on is between 20 and 40 then quite frankly the world feels dead and options to do anything are stunted. Did my first Depths run at 54…

I’m OK, I just casually play this game, but I don’t think some realise the individual difficulties per server.

I believe you give the average person far too much credit. Certainly too much credit for the average NW lemming hater.

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