[Suggestion] DPS Meter

I would suggest a DPS Meter in Dungeons.
A few MMOs have it and many people praise this feature.
I think it would be really interesting for New World to have a Meter in general, for Tank, Healer and DPS.



I think at least a personal damage meter that was private would be useful. It could have a button “share with group” at the end of the dungeon, but you would have to choose to share it.


Excelent idea!!!
I just show my DPS if I want!
I like it!

This would be the ticket right here. Personal log and dps meter, sharable in the dungeon finish screen if you select it.


Any such feature will be turned into an abusive form of toxicity, one we do not have in the game and no need for it.


I would love to have the ability to measure my dps+damage output specifically in experditions… especially coming up to a raid+leaderboards.
I spend 99% of my gameplay thinking of ways to do things better, but I’m basing my results from ‘this run went 1min quicker, it must be better’. I personally don’t see how this would make people anymore toxic than they already are, as anyone decent knows each weapon inherently may do less dmg but offer more cc or debuffs etc. But if there’s a way to reduce that then go for it

I don’t want to have to sit and watch recordings with a spreadsheet to figure out a rough dmg output for every change I do.

This will also help identify the numerous bugs with perks that don’t work (there’s quite a few of them)

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These threads always degrade into people calling those of us who want this toxic.

I still stand by my statements in other threads on this topic.

  • We need a combat log that can be exported to plain text. The purpose being so that we can parse it for data for theory crafting and to allow us to fine tune our builds and test them. ALOT of perks and game elements are bugged to hell and back and regardless of if you report them or not they just sit there. I think combat logs provide a tool for objectively substantiating these bug reports and likely would help AGS troubleshoot things.

  • The final score in mutators should include a scoreboard similar to OPR that shows each person’s contribution to the group: healing done, damage done, killing blows, revives (done), respawns, downs, damage taken. An objective scorecard of how well each person did. There are a lot of players that just fly below the radar and don’t pull their own weight and its important to have objective data to know who those individuals are. Additoinall these scores help you again fine tune your build and see when perks or item changes improve or degrade your performance.

I don’t particularly think we need a true damage meter in real time but these two things would be a huge improvement over the lack of tools we have today.


because of this, the suggestion is that you know your damage and display it if you wish.

I was not calling people toxic, i was saying dps meters will make people toxic in the game. once you give them a tool to compare, you breed competition into the game. That will result to attacks, name calling, etc.


I understand the suggestion. Once the tool is in the game, people will MANDATE/REQUIRE it to be posted in things like discord.

You underestimate peoples desire to be efficient.


I was referring to other threads but if the shoe fits wear it.

Competition is NOT despite what the last generation was taught to believe toxic. Competition is what promotes new ideas and improvement. It promotes everyone to be better tomorrow than they are today.


Healthy competition is good and i am a strong advocate for it. DPS meters have never provided that form of gameplay in any mmo.

There is no reason to risk it.

Fact: You can go to a dummy and see what items are giving you more damage.

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But a dummy is not helpful in NW. It only shows a few damage numbers then it’s invincible. What it would need to show is dps. Also we would need to be able to set the dummy’s resistances as in making it angry earth for example.

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um, what ever dummy you are wacking on is not working like the ones i beat on.

You can calculate that, but simply seeing bigger numbers is easy to decide you are probably doing more damage.

A single dummy isn’t adequate for real combat testing. It doesn’t matter what you do under ideal circumstances its what you can do in actual combat with needing to dodge and avoid mechanics.

Any dummy in the game atm. Also yeah have fun calculating it by hand especially with attunement and other dots like bleed, burn, etc. proccing

According to your logic a blunderbuss with a lot of small numbers will always do less damage than a single target weapon? What?

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This would just turn into people requiring you to link them screenshots of your damage meter and if you aren’t doing enough damage then they remove you from the group/raid. Its a great feature but it gets abused very easily.

that was just really a bunch of “im lazy and dont want to do math”.

you know how many bullets shot, and you know the damage they do. You can easily calculate A * B.

A DPS Meter should be personal for self-improvement. +1 to this.
A public DPS Meter would only create problems of discrimination and elitism. Not recommended.


People just dont seem to get that guilds/companies will mandate screen shots of any such mechanic.