Suggestion for city and its upgrades

Hello everyone. I am a relatively new player enjoying the game so far. Here is one of my suggestion to the dev and hope they can implement something like this in the future :slight_smile:

I hope in the future they make crafting stations etc. not dependent on city upgrade for how high the tier of stuff we can craft/refine on it. Right now from what I understand Tier 2 crafting/refinement station will only enable us to craft/refine tier 2 stuff so even people who are leveling their crafts will be force to move to cities with tier 5 stations,

For example. I really love Monarch Bluff village and its surrounding but in my server it is only tier 2 stations so I had to settle on the bigger cities just to be able to level my craft more conveniently. Technically forcing me to buy a house there instead of where I really want to be my home base.

Suggestion: Make all cities able to craft all items. Instead upgrades of each station gives benefit to it. Example below.

Tier 1: Insight perk +10% chance to craft higher rarity items
Tier 2: Efficiency perk 20% chance to return X amount of main materials used
Tier 3: Insight perk II +20% chance to craft higher rarity items. +10% XP
Tier 4: Efficiency perk II 40% chance to return X amount of main materials used
Tier 5: Arc Reactor perk Raises minimum GS 10 and increases maximium GS by 10 of crafting.
All these stacks with food buffs and town buffs.

This way it gives players more freedom to settle where they really want while still maintaining the advantage and attractiveness of actively managed cities. :slight_smile:

Zhao Yun
Shu Tiger General / Soulwarden


Any one thinks this is a good idea? devs? :slight_smile:

bumping :slight_smile: \


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