[Suggestion] For Expertise Update this year. Change it to "Requirement Expertise"

I have suggestion for Expertise update this year rather than making it average to expertise and current gear’s GS, make it to “Required Expertise - xxx”.

Only if some one have required expertise then they can equip that item. With this I think AGS can resolve most of the problem the players complain about. Also from technical stand point it should be easier because they already have this mechanism “Requirement Level - 60” ( i feel this implementation technically should not be a big change).

  • Before bringing the update, make all the currently equipped gears in the game to make it “Requirement Expertise - 500” therefore, the players whoever spent whatever means to gain that gear will not be wasted. Reason being, most of my friends dont want to continue the game because they earned their gear by Gathering, Refining and other stuff, they have their expertise 520. They used all their farming money to buy gear and it is really NOT FAIR to demote any item that i have earned.

IMO they need to removel all expertise, is the most sht that I had never seen

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Expertise is anyway a system they had from the beginning (HWM). Its mostly to determine your loot drop chances.

I am okay with Expertise but downscaling a gear which i have hard earned based on expertise is not acceptable. No Game should do that.

Gear with some GS is my earned item using genuine game mechanics downscaling it not acceptable.


This change has to be there before next expertise update

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