Suggestion for future game /spinoff/expansion

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First this is a DOWN the ROAD idea. There are many things that need to be worked out with New World right now. I am sure the dev team is busy. :slight_smile:

But I just wanted to put it out there in case any devs might see it.

Maybe a game called New World : Home Sweet Home . (ironicly). Maybe $30 $40 deluxe.
Think of New World and a Harvest moon hybrid.

It could be single player or it could have a server you connect to. Or it could have the option of either. If you connect to a server you could invite people to visit your farm. And of course you could decorate your house.

Plant crops, raise a cow for milk, gather eggs from chickens. Heck you could even travel to Winsward or Everfall and sell your items (to an NPC I suppose).

Basically you make a character in the New World universe (same map) and you have a house. You hunt, fish and farm. There are still skeletons, pirates and bears, ect. For example the pirates are in the area where the best fishing is.

It would be marketed to people who like the crafting part of New World most.
New World with Farming and crafting but no dungeons or PvP.

Anyway, that is the idea. Now back to your regularly scheduled forum flaming . Hah

I think it would be cool if they somehow spun this into the Wheel of Time franchise

Sounds like youโ€™re looking for valheim. AGS should focus on this project and making it steady bug and content wise before moving onto another project.

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