Suggestion for OPR balance/improvement

As a player with gear score 621, and queue’s solo in OPR, there are the usual frustrations and imbalances that I think most OPR players feel and see, excepting those that only participate in high gear score premade groups.

One thing I have noticed is that, even though I am not max gear score…there are just some new level 60’s that are just helpless. It has nothing to do with skill…they can barely scratch me, and I kill them in 3 hits. That’s not skill. Just gear advantage.

Most matches are gross mismatches. Players with a monster advantage, get greater rewards, while fresh level 60’s getting pancaked all over, get the least rewards, so the gap gets bigger, not smaller.

I propose that AGS takes the average expertise of each team, and awards the lower expertise team points to start the match as a handicap. I suggest 5 points per point of difference…so if team A has an average expertise of 620, and team B has an average expertise of 570, team B begins the match with 250 points.

Not only will this give team B a better chance to win, but keeping the match competitive in score will incentivize players to keep fighting in a match, and also to continue to qeue for more matches, since they will have more chance to win more often.

Meanwhile, those veteran players who care about their personal score and ranking, still get to enjoy the benefits of trying to get the best personal score they can.

Gear score does provide an advantage, but not as much as you think. On your weapons the difference between 600 & 625 is roughly 4%. Skill and perks are going to be a huge deciding factor, not GS.

I don’t think it’s just stats. I think the Expertise/GS difference is a greater factor than the raw stats.

I don’t know how it works, only my experience. My weapons are 625. I can literally blow away some players in 3 hits. I wasn’t able to do that when I was around 610.

The stats alone can’t account for that. There is some additional mechanic going on, I think.

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From 600-625 is roughly 3%-4% more damage. With all gear at 625, you gain 10 attributes providing roughly an additional 4% more damage if you’re placing the attributes in the secondary stat of the weapon.

A 625 player hitting a 600 player will do scaled damage which is higher than a 600 player hitting a 600.

There are several videos explaining the algorithm, but GS doesnt have as much as an impact in PvP than it does in PvE.

The PvP formula variables include attacker’s weapon’s GS and the defender’s armor rating. Overall GS doesn’t matter.

Resilient is the most important defensive perk.

A fresh 60 with no resilient pieces and a purple sub 600 GS will get destroyed in PvP.

A relatively new level 60 who has sub 600 armor with 5/5 resilient and a BiS weapon that’s over 600 GS will be competitive in PvP. The armor might cost 50k gold or less and the weapon might be free from a dungeon.

Also, when I heal, I sometimes troll with a low level hammer and my overall Gs is like 500. I still heal for over a million and I rarely die.

I would like to see some kind of bell curve algorithm introduced to help compensate for mismatches. As an OPR match progresses, if the leading team is more than X % ahead of the losing team, a damage/healing nerf is applied to the winning team while a damage/healing buff is applied to the losing team. As long as the teams are evenly matched, no changes. But when one side starts to ‘steamroll’ the other, let there be a ‘handicap’ introduced to try to balance things out again.

This idea is team based, but the same approach could be applied to individual players. That way, the fresh level 60s will have a chance against the veteran GS 625 players.

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