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Hey Team,

Over the last 2 days I have experienced queue times, as everyone else. I don’t know what the plan is moving forward but here is a thought that might help in this situation.

Currently the limit is 2000 players per server with that we have 3 factions, little low but we can fix that… What I have noticed is that the queuing system isn’t bad for stability, in fact its really good. The problem is this thousands of players waiting in line and it would seem that there is always one faction with more players than the others. This tilts the battles in that factions favor.


  • Increase Player Limit to 3000
  • Limit each faction to 1000 Players
  • Queues built per faction which will limit the size of Armies and keep the Factions even in terms of fighting strength

if there are open slots per faction in the 1000 queues you can even use this logic to either Highly Suggest new players move to the faction with less of a player base or temp reward players for going to that faction with a lower player base…

Over time (couple weeks I think) this will balance the servers and make for some good war times.

Thank you for reading and I hope this helps.


Good in theory, but if you limit factions to 1000, that in turn will not give players a choice of which faction they want to join once a faction becomes full, thus ruining an experience.

Also, if you separate the queues into 3 groups, there will be even longer waiting times for those who are in queues for the factions with the most players on.

Lastly, not everyone plays the game for the faction wars, some like to simply quest, some like to gather and craft, etc. Punishing players with queues based on the total # of people in their faction doesn’t seem like a fair option for those players.

Things to keep in mind.


I see your point and it is a very good one :slight_smile:

Thanks for the insight

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There are holes in this theory , Yes to player limit cap , can be done , provided the servers and the bandwidth can handle the load. Negative to the faction caps because as someone else pointed out it will eventually limit players choice in faction. Easiest and fastest solutions is to bring on more servers to balance the load , and if you ever are online hit escape and hit game menu and look what server you are actually on , regardless of where you chose your character server. its called load balancing of clustered servers , there is a technical term for it but i won’t get into it. they are doing the best they can and it will balance out in the end.


Seriously? No, just stop the “auto-running afk macroing” in houses or solitary locations that everyone does to stay online. There are 1500 in queue and 1000 macroing while they sleep…

A programmable mouse can keep you in game permanently. That is bad in-game moderation.

Edited with solutions.


  1. In-game GM accounts who have the ability, among other things to check the housing. DM the account and if no response after ten minutes, log them with a 24 hour suspension. It will stop.

  2. Fifteen minute auto- log timer with an on-screen countdown while in personal houses.

  3. algorithm that checks for increases in mastery or experience and if that number is 0 after 30 minutes gives a warning message for the player to become active or be logged out.


I understand how load balancing on a server cluster works… I design it for work all the time, Great insight.

It was a suggestion I just thought of because it seems that some servers get overwhelmed by one faction and the other factions stand no chance… I agree this would limit playability but sometimes that is needed.

I do agree with both of you guys on the negative aspects of this as well though

Thank you.

Realistically, they need to attempt to increase the total player count per server and just add some more servers to meet the demand. If they planned for scaling correctly, if servers start to die down with time as most games do, they can do server merges to fill low population servers back up.

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I applaud the thought of where you were going , and vs some of the other posts on here at the very least you were trying to be helpful.

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Suggestions come with a least a start to a solution… or its a waste. No point in bitching when we can all work together to form actual solutions to help the Devs.

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This… very important too. I saw many with macro yesterday. Just running in circle, or back and forth in a pattern. No chat or anything… and nothing really done. And if they use housing to avoid beeing caught, it is even worse. I mean, people like this just add to the problem!

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The idea of “adding” new servers is a partial fix at best the issue you have is there a lot of company’s of existing friends and gaming groups numbering in the 100’s they don’t want to abandon there friends and company because you cant make servers that can hold enough people

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