Suggestion for siege war and in game content


I am amazon games creator streamer and leader of 200ppl guild on NEW WORLD. I have some suggestion for better balance system at the siege wars and game.

1- at the siege wars, city owners can fight with debuff. And this debuff can stack for each war, for example debuff -%10 attack -%10 defence. this debuff is only active at the siege war. Max -%50
2- at the siege wars, only max 10 ppl who from other companies can join wars each war owner company. Because some companies abusing this system; Some people create new company for each city and adjust war time differently and control all map with only 50 ppl.
3- need raid system; Group have more than 5ppl.
4- in the group play, it must be different symbol (star, moon, sun etc.) on the each charater. reason is more easily following.

Best regards.

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