Suggestion for the 300 Strength/300 Constitution Perks

The current 25% chance to one hit a tree/vein is really nice, however it is really annoying in practice as it only procs on the very first swing of your tool.

This should be changed to just be a 25% chance each swing of the tool, so you dont have to cancel the action every single swing.

It WAS like that until last patch, where they hidden nerfed it -.-

Nope, it was on the first swing when you approach the ore, you could repeat it by letting go of the ore/tree and approach it again.
The suggestion here is to calculate that on every swing while you mine/chop down the tree etc. So it will check on every hit if it proccs. Could indeed make it more fluent.

Yes this is what I mean. It is just really annoying to have to jump/move between every swing. Should just calculate on every hit

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