Suggestion for the orb changes

Hi! I hope you’re all doing well, I’m pretty excited about the removal of the need of tuning orbs however I’ve got a few of my own. While receiving a cache in compensation is a really great idea the main reason myself and friends I know tend to do mutation orbs is the Umbral Shards. Is there any chance of being given a proportion of the 6k shards I’d receive from completing the expedition otherwise?

Thanks for considering my suggestion. :slight_smile:

I think it says you get 1200 umbral shards.

Expedition Key and Crafting Materials

  • Expedition keys and their crafting materials are no longer obtainable, except for breach fragments.
    • We want to keep the different tiers of breach fragment items from breaches for use in crafting — starting with Territory Supplies (detailed under Economy)— that can be crafted at the stonecutting station.
  • Expedition keys have been replaced with armament chests.
    • Normal Expedition armaments provide loot rolls on each of the potential bosses from its respected expedition.
    • Mutated Expedition armaments provide loot rolls on each of the final bosses for each expedition that can be mutated at mutation level 7.
    • Mutated Expedition armaments provide 1250 Umbral Shards.
    • All armaments will provide coin value equal to roughly 50% of the equivalent coin cost to purchase expedition orbs from the faction shop

I mutate 10 times a day the only thing I enjoy is making dungeons there is no content in the game anyway you invite me to quit the game I think orbs should be produced on request

10x a day? you got no life or something?

Lodestones, runestones rip.

I think this is a bit low, considering one orb currently generates more than 5k (1k+ per player). You should at least get the pre-patch total of gold from bosses, plus the full gold purchase cost.

Probably used in Territory Supplies

Territory Supplies will cost different tiers and volumes of corrupted fragments, stone, and wood depending on the tier of the supplies

Thanks, I totally missed it and assumed we got nothing. I just overlooked it. Although it’s a little low I think it’s better than nothing.