[Suggestion] Fusion system for crafted gear

Hi! I have a suggestion for the addition of a new system to upgrade crafted items, with the new system of umbral shards arriving 590+ named items can be improved up to GS 600 with umbral shards and gaining the rarity of legendary and their 3 perks, with that the crafted items 595+ will not have their value in the games after the entry of this system, because everyone will wait for the named items and the crafted items lost their value, I thought of a fusion system of crafted items, so that craft items that can be reused, the idea is to merge 2 items of the same GS to gain +1 GS, they will have to have the same attribute and at least 1 equal perk, the equal perk would remain in the item that would gain +1 GS and if the other perk is different it would roll 50/50 between the two, with that we could increase crafted items to GS 600 gaining legendary rarity and gaining a third perk

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