Suggestion: Guild Boss Creation

Suggestion: creation of an exclusive World Boss for Guild members.

Participants: only members of the guild itself

How to Summon: Guild members need to collect items to craft parchment.

Levels: There are 4 levels of scrolls, increasing the difficulty. Thus, a beginner guild can also make the World Boss from the beginning.

Location: The Guild needs to form a group, go to the specific location, use the scroll to open a portal, enter the portal and do the World Boss quest.

The map: can be short and simple but with good rewards and difficulties.
Rewards: could have different scrolls for different rewards, for example:
a) Mining scroll: along the way to reach the boss, we will have several mining spots to collect, in addition to the final reward.
b) plant parchment: on the way to the boss, we will have several plant spots.
c) wealth scroll: along the way, killing the NPCs along the way, you get a lot of coins.

Frequency: this scroll can only be made once a week.

Objective: Create exclusive guild activities, uniting members and giving advantages of joining a guild. A different activity with interesting rewards.

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