Suggestion: Homes as Shops

A few suggestions actually:

  1. Allow us to sell items from our purchased homes
  2. Allow us to sell homes
  3. Allow us to select the visible owner of a house
  4. Allow us to reroll territory standing bonuses

These suggestions revolve around giving agency and options to individual players in an inherently PvP environment dominated by companies.

Companies have the most power on a server and that should not change. I also do not think steps should be taken to limit abusive taxation. Rather, I think individual players should be given more options for countering abusive companies or (worst case) an entire server of abusive companies. I feel like these suggestions would work in that direction. I also think these suggestions could lead to avenues of meaningful gameplay for some.

Anyway, Devs et al, keep up the hard work. This is a game so many of us are wanting to succeed.

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