Suggestion: How to fix OPR

Ok just think about this… You know how 95% of OPR’s are extremely one sided? Well what if it was set up like this:

3 points to capture just like war, whatever team captures the points then has to attack some sort of fort or stronghold again like in war. This gives the weaker team an advantage.

Whatever team captures the points attacks stronghold, the team that loses the 3 points defends.

Interesting suggestion. I look forward to what other players have to contribute to your idea.

In the meantime, I will forward your idea along to the Development team to review. :slight_smile:

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so basically wars as a casual game mode? i think they already said its not really planned. i guess 5 boring copy paste dungeons were more important

this is kinda like tera. i suggest AGS look into Tera Corsair stronghold. one of the fun battle grounds system i have seen implemented. the game mode can be won with just team tactics alone or team brute force. like sending assassin through back doors on air cheap or sneaking through different ladders to capture the inner most castle. but just like corsairs u have to capture 3 points. but the inner most castle is always open to cap if a lone assassins can make it in. it kept everyone on there toes.

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It is like a miniature war but the difference is the attacker and defender are not decided until the initial 3 points are capped

thank you so much! Keep up the great work.

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That sounds fun. Would be another cool pvp game mode for NW.

OPR doesn’t need changing. It’s the PvP system in place that is awful.

We need more and different varied PvP Zones. Playing the same ONE battleground for over a year is a disgrace.

I agree it’s very different than OPR so it should be it’s own game mode and we need more game modes, I’ve made a couple posts suggesting what kind. I just think they are working on it but once cross server is released they will definitely add more PvP game modes. They can’t split the dwindling player base (unfortunately) anymore. That’s why mutations are lowering in numbers. Probably 1 2 3 4