Suggestion: Improvements to Music Skill

Thank you for releasing a new refreshing mechanic to the game; It’s a nice break to be able to sit down for a little bit and play a few songs. I’m sure there is a chunk of the payer base trying reach level 200 in music. Let’s take a look at what is required to hit 200.

To level music from 0 – 200 it takes 5,145,950 experience. Holy cow, that is a lot. But how much is 5 million experience? For a 1-minute song on Expert, I am getting about 325 experience. That would take 15,833 Amazing performances to finish this skill, or 264 hours of playing music. I would have to play music for 11 days, nonstop, to reach this. If I were to lax up and play for one hour a day, it would take me nearly 9 months to finish this skill. I believe this is an insane curve. So, what can we change up to help things along?

Regarding Buffs: I believe the buffs are adequate, however, may be out of order. I believe a more appropriate order for the buffs would be:

  • All Together Now (Group exp)
  • Song in your Step (Encumbrance)
  • Territorial Triumph (Territory exp)
  • Decidedly Dexterous (Gathering Speed)
  • Luck’s Labor (Gathering Luck)
  • Fortune’s Favor (Gathering Yield)

This is the order of importance I would rank them, as an end-game player. All Together Now would be able to assist newer players gain experience bonuses as they level to 60. I can see greater benefits of Song in your Step as a lower level than someone who has adequate bags. As for the rest, I think they are great bonuses and could be valued as such when music is leveled.

Regarding Tips: I think I’ve seen more frustration on people accidentally tipping than anything else. 10g is not much to fret about. I don’t think those complaints have much substance behind them. I do think one great tweak would be the addition of bonus experience when getting tipped. I think it could help with the grind and give great reinforcement for those who give an amazing performance. Receiving a full tip split should be the default; Granting bonus Music XP per tip can replace the Fanfare perk.

Regarding Group Performances: It is fun to get a group together to play music. Unfortunately, it does not feel rewarding. Regardless of playing in a group or playing my instrument solo, I am getting that same 325 experience on an expert song. To encourage group play, I think giving a bonus multiplier per group member on an instrument would be nice. Even a 0.10% increase per member on an instrument in a group would be nice. This would mean that playing 5-member songs could potentially grant a 1.5x Music XP boost if the roster is filled. This could replace the Ensemble perk, wherein, the 10% Music XP boost is granted to the group instead of only the player.

The Never-ending Song: It would be nice to have a longer “Free Riff” or “Never-ending Song”. A mode where you start off with a 100% Rockstar Meter. Every miss reduces the meter by a set percentage with the song concluding when your Rockstar Meter hits 0%. You are granted Music XP for every note you hit and a bonus every 25 or 50 notes.

Anywho, I enjoy slappin’ da bass. I hope some of these suggestions make sense and are taken into consideration.

Rock On!


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