Suggestion: Instead of TP tax to controlling company, company gets a MERCHANT to set item base values

Basically the title. In a conversation with the hubs about NW economy and ways in which to enrich it, we came up with this.

What NW economy is missing is base value on items. This is a suggestion for adding it.

Company Merchant

I have to imagine that there is some database table somewhere that has what AGS considers the base value for EVERY item in game. They could release that as a base formula for these merchants. Heck, cut those values in half and release that as a base value for these merchants. Allow the companies to adjust the percentages by category as listed in the trading post. Each category could have its individual percentage adjusted. The company would receive profits in excess of whatever the base value was originally set for that item in the merchant.

Meanwhile, there would be no tax collected by the company in which the trading post an item is purchased from is located. (Because the trading post generates its own taxes).


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