Suggestion: Inventory Wardrobe

Please add wardrobe feature to inventory for easier gear set switching. Its a real pain swapping out single pieces whole time when going out for various gathering runs.


100% agree

Yeah this is definitely needed. Currently a workaround is to search ‘lumber’ or ‘miner’ etc. but the search term stays after you close your inventory so that’s a bit annoying to have to do.

An option to add this ability, enhance housing, open storage space and add a cool factor would be adding an “Armor Stand” like item to furnishing.

Give it multiple tiers that would match with gear types i.e. have an epic version necessary to hold epic gear and so on. Limit them like chests are limited based on house level and allow for quick swaps on and off of gear sets. Also provides a cool display piece to show off in the house. Heck even give them a set of abilities like slowly repairing them items stored over time or something!

This provides ease of access, a time/resource sink, economic movement, and a level of fun to the game. Easy as that!

I was just gonna make a post about this. Glad you made it :slight_smile:
And while we are at it, add so the search function actually searches for anything. Like perks on gear etc.
If I wanna find “Luck” gear or “skinning” gear that would be awesome.

Bump because this is much needed!

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