Suggestion: Let bow damage scale by how long you draw the bow. not just light and heavy

Its all in the title

just an idea.




Only game I’ve ever played with a bow that didn’t have the draw scale with time and instead just having two modes

Even mine craft does this

If they keep the light attack same damage as now, ok.

@Figurines Definitely a great suggestion! We will get this to our team for a review. Would you mind providing some points on what would be the overall benefit of these changes to the bow?

@BlackNows There is always room for improvements though, would you care to share anything that you might have that could spark up some great ideas for potential Bow alterations?

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Sometimes you don’t want to draw a full heavy. Or don’t have time. Or sometimes you want to do a light attack and your target rolls. So you have to draw for longer.

This gives bow user some benefit to holding your shots and waiting for the right moment. Often times a heavy attack is way too long. Also the empower bonus from dodging and charging up the heavy attack doesn’t leave you much wiggle room.

In general this would give bow users more options.

There are a lot of other suggestions to improve bow that are all over the forums as well!

And now being suggested here too. Lots of passionate bow users.

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Rapid Shot…let us dodge out of it before all arrows are shot.
Like Musket with shooters stance.


At this point, I would be happy if they removed the root/slow run speed after the shot and allow full movement like the melee have. Apply that to the blunderbuss too please. I hate hate hate the restricted movement. These two weapons should be high mobility weapons. Instead they are self inflicted CC.

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PVP ranking system, cross-server PVP functionality, lifting of PVP rating restrictions, 1V1 ranking, 3V3,5V5, like League of Legends, can be a reason for people to get hooked,Weapons should not be changed randomly, people will play with what they find useful, rather than discouraging the player to weaken them, changing unpopular weapons to make it fun so that it doesn’t frustrate the player too much

I would love to be able to hip fire while moving. It makes sense there should be some sort of penalty for ADS and full draw of the bow.

But it also makes sense to me that hip fire should be fast and fluid. Usable without any major movement restriction. It’s damage is already nerfed for this reason, just buff it up to where hip fire should be. Nice and fluid

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Per your description of bow the left tree is all about hindering your enemy and Aoe. The right tree is all about big damage coming from heavy attacks. The latter provides no mobility and depends on the back button weapon for anything other than damage. The issue now is the player mitigation is through the roof with fortify damage reduction armor and then gems. With an occasional consumable.

Do you see all this mitigation how weights the heavy attack of 170% damage modifier pre mitigation. Head shots are not a thing with bow near impossible to consistently land head shots.
Further more bows damage modifier are applied at distance 20m etc. that is not realistically the range the bow can operate. That perk should be reworked to be able to facilitate the poster original idea, or to just be a flat modifier that negates enemy fortify and damage reduction from perks in tree. Something to the effect of 20% to start.

This would be a great way to have bow players to attempt at fighting at distance and rewarding heavy attacks. Would it work up close sure but you might also get deleted cause if your not in light your playing bow wrong. While mobility is an issue. I believe you should reward lack of mobility with more damage. Or lack of damage with mobility. As it stands now bow has no niche nor any place to really fit in. It pretty much dead.

It’s supposed to be able to “rapidly fire arrows”. Not sure I feel like that when I’m using it.

Maybe let us hold a couple arrows in the “bow hand” like some forms of traditional archery. Allowing us to fire 2-3 arrows quickly before having to re-draw from the quiver?

Also there are methods that hold the arrow in the draw hand!

I know it’s been said a lot, but I think removing the slow/root after firing would be massive. Even if the end of the animation could be cancelled with a roll. This gives back the mobility the jump after firing used to give you whilst adding a cost. This was already done in the February patch for melee weapons.
On top of this increasing projectile speed a bit and making the hit box slightly more forgiving. These are the most important points IMO. After this we can see how it plays out, these 2 things would make the bow pretty strong.

In terms of skills rapid fire would be good if it could be cancelled. It would be incredible if it could be used whilst moving. It would be really great if it was ADS to make it easier to aim. May be op though.
Splinter shot needs to be reworked… Not even sure where to begin :rofl:
Rain of arrows if the animation could be sped up a tiny bit. So it lands closer to the time it was fired.
Evade shot should have grit maybe instead of haste, but at base would be good. I think an I frame maybe OP, but it should help you evade better than it does now.
The last passive in the left tree could apply 10% slow for 2 seconds when hitting an enemy with a debuff on them with a cap of 30%.
The right tree last passive I think should just be 10% crit damage instead of 20% head shot damage.

The skill changes may be op… I dunno, but I think the mechanics I suggested in regards to mobility and usability are the most important.


Yes, Rapid Shot is a death sentence. I love archers who use this. 2 free hits mininum on them.

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I should also state OP’s idea is a good one. Full heavy draw literally takes 3 seconds. It doesn’t even have to be linear, but some benefit of drawing but not to full would make bow better in all situations and give it very unique flavor.

Since it is well renowned that the damage is terrible, ontop of scaling damage by draw time, maybe add 30% increased crit damage on full bow draw…? Reward them for being patient.

Yooo, making it a quick draw mode would be dope.

Add in my suggestion and the scaling of draw time and make the, “quick draw mode,” be increased nock speed for 15 seconds or 4 shots. I dig it.

Hey @BRGF , glad you asked.

The most important thing is to remove the Root after shot. The so called “jump exploit” wasn’t anything more than an animation cancel, something the devs gave to melees the last patch, on top of removing their slow-after-hits.
So, to be fair and balanced to ranged players, give the same treatment to us! In this CC AoE meta, it’s so unfair to play a weapon that self-inflicts CC, it’s a huge disadvantage. Even more now that gravity well has a root, Rapier cooldowns were increase and Bunderbluss has a hook, it’s becoming pretty easy for melees to close distance on ranged players (something fair, just give us more mobility).

The second thing necessary would be to increase arrow speed and decrease it’s drop. Something around 20/30% arrow speed increase would make the weapon viable for longer distance.

The third thing is to give the bow tree any skill with armor penetration. Physical aversion perks are entering the meta with the addition of Bunderbluss. We already did low damage on medium / heavy gear because mostly the Bow is designed to give massive damage on critical shots, and everyone is running resilient. Now, a lot of people is going to chase physical aversion as well, so we need armor penetration to not be so ridiculous against heavy and medium.

The last thing is some changes on the skills. Someone said so above, but for example:

  • Rain of Arrows should’ve get its animation to be faster, just like you did with the Fire Pillar from Fire Staff.

On top of that, perks need to be reworked.
Anyway, this is just the short version, there’s extensive feedback on those two threads:

The first and the last one are threads created by me, if you can take any time to respond us there I would be glad!


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