[Suggestion] Let us play on any server we like, instead we have a designated "home world"

I would like to see a feature where players can play on any server they like, but we have a designated home world. A few mmo’s have this already and from my experience this works great. (FFXIV to mention one)

This helps with a few issues that are blatantly visible, those who enjoy farming resource can jump on low populated servers and collect their resources. It would also help if then all auction houses across all servers in same region are linked, to avoid some servers only being used as resource farms and the players who have “this” as their home world also get to reap the benefit from a region wide economy. But this could just as well work as local economies giving those who enjoy playing the economical side of things a reason to jump between servers and hustle to make some gains.

This would also give the hardcore pvp players a chance to link up and make connections to other like minded people, some servers would mainly focus on pvp while others on pve as a result giving everyone a chance to play the game just the way they like to. As as well giving players a chance to do pve content, most players are reluctant to break bonds with friends and company mates just to transfer to a more active server. The transfer system as it sits right now just does not work as intended.

The amount of servers that struggle having too few players either for OPR, Mutations or in general any content for that matter is obvious when reading through the numerous posts made about these topics every single day. Heck there are even servers that struggle having too many players all collecting resources.

Server merges have disastrous effect on many companies, players leave their company to join the new “best” company, others lose interest and people have to start networking all over again, not fun! Me and some friends transferred a year ago and within days we regretted doing so because of all the above mentioned.

Wars could still be home world bound. But with the added ability to play as a mercenary on non home-world servers, giving those who enjoy pvp a chance to be involved around the clock if they so wish.

I’ll quickly add that BDO has a similar server system and they do have things like territory sieges too. Home server and ability to jump around to other servers at will. Some of the servers are even designated PVP. Could be a 2 birds 1 stone thing here because people have been asking for a PVP server too.

Edit: Guild Wars 2 also has it and they definitely have server based faction PVP.

I’ve always thought the territory control was why we didn’t have this in NW but GW2 is a great example that you can do both.

Yeah I cant see why we could not have best from both world, having territory control could be bound to home world.

2500 players at peak makes servers truly come to live, but once you start dipping below 1200~ players everything becomes a massive grind. Heck sitting in lobbies for 3-4 hours and spamming recruitment channel every 2 minutes is the longest grind there is.

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