Suggestion Levels Beyond 60

I would like to suggest adding additional levels beyond 60 like harvesting giving something rewarding for each addtional level.
Also adding levels beyond 20 for each weapon mastery a cool weapon crate maybe a chance to drop exculsive legendary for that weapon

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Like “prestige” levels?

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Yes, please. This.
Would be nice if every time you get a mastery level over 20, you got umbral shards or random cosmetics for that weapon, or some minor PvE only bonus (0.1% extra damage vs certain enemy kind), or something like that.


yes prestige levels so that exp perk dont go to waste once you are pass 60 either reward for playing and do just about anything in the game

i like the idea of shards and cosmetics or maybe even a weapon crate a roll on something good from that weapon type

having prestige level gives all the experience perks in the game useful

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