Suggestion: Limit each player to 1 war per day - 'War Fatigue'

At the moment on our server we have companies that all use the same set of highly geared and/or skilled core members in the war roster as well as companies that split to hold multiple territories but stagger the war window so that they can all be defended with exactly the same war roster day in day out. Effectively no matter where you go, you see the same setup.

If each player were able to only attend 1 war per day, then companies would not be able to split in order to use the same players to defend multiple war windows, and they would have to be more strategic in who to chose in order to defend which territories, either if they get attacked themselves, or if their allies call for help… you would not always see the same players in every war - where you put your stronger groups/players would be a major decision every time.

It would give more players the opportunity to get involved with wars, especially when the open world conflicts are pushed strongly on a given day. This will also promote open world pvp, because if you defend multiple territories, you would probably not want multiple wars on the same day… you would actively defend against the open world missions rather than just sit back and let them both run knowing you can run your one highly geared war roster against every single war that happens.

Having more people need to get involved wars means that more people have a need to and interest in gearing up, having 50 max geared people who no longer log in, save to just do all the wars on the server will no longer happen.

Thanks for reading and see you out there!


Very very nice idea imo, wise words from wise man.


Great ide i like it !!


Has to be said this would be a great idea. The monopoly of the few who have BIS items using BIS geared players who are war ready is a joke at the moment.

Spreading the love would make the end game so much more accessible to alot more people.

Controlling certain towns in Cross Faction alliances is bad enough let alone how this affects the rest of the server(s). This is happening on numerous servers so having a War cd would be a game changer.


Definitely a good idea. It’ll give other company members who are new to the company to take part in wars and stuff. It’ll be balanced overall instead of same few people being in it forever.


There definitely needs to be some sought of war cooldown for individual people. The only people who disagree are the selfish people put in every single war while the other thousands of people on their server never get to experience it.

And incase you’re wondering I am put in almost every single war, and it used to be not just for my faction.

I assume there a lot of servers out there like mine, in which 50-70 people are used for every single war and there’s another 600 or so people on the faction that will never ever get to experience Wars. How long will they play for? Well we know the answer seeing how the games almost gone.


Sounds like a good idea


I absolutely agree with you

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This just seems like an excuse for the novice players to get slotted into wars just to ultimately throw territories.

You should only be able to be a mercenary in a war once per day.
You should be able to get slotted into your own companies war regardless if you’ve fought in another war or not.
For example;
We own both Windsward and Reekwater.
Green pushes Windsward, Purple pushes Reekwater.
Why should we be required to have 50 different people online for each of our wars?
We shouldn’t be required to bring in players outside of our company to fight wars if we have our own stacked roster of 50 with an active bench.


War fatigue for 12 hrs after a war


Yes!!! The game needs more limitations to end game content!!! Please also introduce orbs to access wars!!!


Wars already pretty limited already to the same around 200 people per server. Rarely any new ones are picked for wars. Those who played from the start, and are known people are the ones only picked in wars.

Ye. And cant apply for big companies and get better to get picked for a war as well.

Or there could also be a set time for wars every day. So that every war is at the same time. It won’t effect companies that can hold their own territory, but it will hurt the ones that own 5/6 territories as they’ll have to pick and choose.


This is an excellent idea, limit wars to one per day for each character! Seriously one of the best suggestion for wars to date.

It would help combat the BS monopoly going on right now. Might be an idea for AGS to actually use some helpful metric and see how many people don’t actually get into wars and for those that do how often it is the same people.

Also it would be hella more immersive than what we have now which is the same few fighting in all the wars everyday which isn’t realistic/logical.

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Put me in coach!

Thanks for sharing out your thought-out suggestion here @Bergamot

If there were to be a ‘War Fatigue’ do you think this would be a permanent restricted cool-down or do you think there should be ways for players to lose their ‘fatigue’ faster.

I ask, as although in many cases there may be enough members to spread across time zones and wars, other companies may not have as many players and would be therefore restricted from accessing the war properly if too many of their members are already on the suggested cooldown. What do you think of this?


No war fatigue should be permanent or it defeats the purpose. It’s okay if some member miss a war in the company we dont have to be in every single war our company has.

If for example I in NA East bounima join a company that plays midnight to 6 am that’s on me for joining a company that is active at night when most people are sleeping.

You guys need to stop making exceptions for every single “it’s not on a time I can play complaint” as people should be joining servers and companies based on when they are online/their region. I mean it’s what is getting us frustrated on the timers instead of having a global timer that resets everything for everyone at the same time.


Thanks for taking the time to read through this @Willard

My thoughts were that the ‘fatigue’ should be a single gaming day, with each companies war window being a single slot within this day. All players fatigue would be reset at the same point as the day ticks over - this would be much simpler to understand and implement than a complex rolling system.

If you as a player are planning on attacking, either your own company or assisting one of your allies, then that would have to be the only war you participate in on that day. If your territory got pushed successfully and you had to defend on the same day then it would be up to the player and the company to switch you from attack to defence of your own territory.

If you declared, and then your territory started to be pushed afterwards to try and get you to split your war roster between attack/defence then you are highly motivated to call up your players to rebuff the open world pvp and prevent your territory from being put into conflict.

I think this opens up a whole new world of high level strategic planning, who is pushing who on what day, which of your allies to assist, and if you get declared on, do you prioritise defending yourself instead of assisting them…

Worst case, if your small company held 1 territory and got declared on. you would prioritise your best roster on defence, and perhaps call your allies in to assault the aggressor.

Holding more than 1 territory becomes a major task, a stark contrast to the current situation on our server where a single core war roster can hold most of the map!


This would also help limit a single company and their dummy companies from just taking over an entire server. Right now on many servers you have one company that is outfitted more than anyone else and they can basically control the map that way.

There should be drawbacks to owning multiple territories (such as you can’t actually defend them all at the same time.) Dummy companies circumvent this. A 12 or 24 hour cool down would help fix this issue.