Suggestion: Make lvl 60 versions of all the dungeons

Hello everyone,

I would like to suggest that AGS makes lvl 60 versions of all the dungeons, so that we can continue to go even after we have outleveled the normal version. AGS could even introduce a tiered system where once you clear first difficulty you unlock a more difficult version with new mobs and drobs and crafting materials.

I am soon lvl 59, but there are so many dungeons that I did not get to go to during my leveling. Some of them because it could not find a group, others because I did not know about their existence. But I would also like to go back to the once I did go to, and it could be fun to try them with people from my company. I think a lot of us leveled a lot on a different server from our friends due to server queues/transfers but adding lvl 60 versions would allow us to go together.

Adding lvl 60 versions would also allow us AGS to introduce new crafting materials/drops. This would make it much more fun to gather resources for high end crafting compared to RNG/farming normal resources. For purely PvP players, there could be equivilent resources in outpost rushes or farming mats with PvP on could enable PvP versions of drops/crafting materials.

Looking at it from a game perspective, it would allow AGS to recycle some of its content that have not be used so much, in a way that still brings a lot of new gameplay to players. The would have to make new mobs and more difficult mechanics, but the layout, sound, atmosphere etc. is already there. Sure new mobs and mechanics can be the most time consuming, but the different dungeons can have bosses with similar mechanics and more difficult/advanced mobs/bosses can be added in later stages once a significant part of the players have cleared the first one to three tiers of difficulty.

Let me know what you think :slight_smile:

Somewhere i read that they already plan to do so.
Sadly i cant remember in which post it was. It was called mutations for dungeons. Which might be on PTR in Jan.

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