Suggestion: Mount "Pack-Horse & Wardrobe" system

I was thinking about Mounts after watching the dev video about the future of New World (which I enjoyed a great deal).

I think Mounts could open up a deeper system to compliment the game, that of performing the function of a mobile Storage unit they would be able to hold about as much as a player can carry but also be able to carry your “other spec” gear sets…

How I envision that working is that Mounts are restricted to pathways and town entrances (towns maybe could have an area with a rail to tether them to while you are there).
Mounts would grant additional travel speed while you are mounted, that you can return to them either by going back to where you left them or by returning to a path & “whistling” for them and they arrive with you a short time after being called.
While you are stood next to your mount (not mounted) you may use them as a mobile storage depositing items or taking some.
You may also carry on them a “change of clothes” a separate area of storage where you may have your alternate spec gear, a pair of weapons and a set of armour for an alternate set up, or even multiple other set ups - like a mobile changing room of sorts.

Swapping spec/outfit should not be possible in combat (PvE or PvP) but having the functionality to swap specs & outfits while at your mount opens up a much broader way to play the game.
For example: You travel to an area only to find your group or gathering players for a stronghold have no tanks or healers you then have the option to get to a path & swap over to a spec that will be more helpful.

I think this could make mounts a very cool feature to add to the game & increase the value of learning all the weapons available in the game.

It could also open up a few new item ideas “saddle-bags” for your mount storage from leather/tailoring, horse-shoes from smithing to augment the mount’s speed, and maybe those will serve to inspire even more ideas.


Great ideas. Problem is this dev team would add a hundred bugs in the process.

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