Suggestion: New Treasure Map Activities and System

Hey guys,

Reading this post here nice new additions to the game I really liked the idea of having treasure maps in NW. I think it completely matches the thematic of the game and would be a nice colorful new addition and activity to the current state of the game. Maybe you can have the map dropped in some dungeons or in the open world. For PvP players could be added some open world pvp - one faction preventing other faction of finding/aquiring the treasure.

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This is a great idea, DoOm! I have passed this along to the dev team for their consideration. :slightly_smiling_face:

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En mode solo.
Des fragments de carte au trésor (pas de carte entière) pourraient aussi être obtenues par la pêche, sous forme de bouteille à la mer… (déjà proposé dans d’autres posts)
Ou encore découvert dans des caches spécifiques ou aléatoires si la compétence d’archéologue était mise en place… (déjà proposé dans d’autres posts)