Suggestion on how to improve Territory Wars, Economy, Town Management and more


This is a system that would need to be worked into the game.
Even if the Dev’s see this and think it is perfect and want to do it, I think setting this up may take at a minimum 1 year and that’s if they rushed it.

If you like the suggestion, please comment on it to keep it at the top of the list.

This is how I would like wars to be done if I was creative director and could pull strings for development.

NOTE: Please read entire suggestion as it will have a few separate parts/steps. If someone else wants to make a TL:DR version, that’s up to you.


To start, I think pushing a territory into war should take significant effort. Not just a mob of players running in circles for a couple hours. Yes, I understand we are getting new PvP missions. However, these missions do not seem to make sense to me. Moving an item from a rock to a tree 100m away is actually a bit confusing on how that is pushing a place into conflict.
Now, taking their resources, would make more sense to me.

To do this, lets say you want to put Windsward (WW) into war. You go into WW and talk to your faction rep. and they tell you to gather 300 greenwood from within the WW territory. This could be anywhere, not a specific location. However, when you go out and gather this wood. You gather “WW-Greenwood”. You must now bring this wood to any faction vendor NOT in WW.

On the flip side, you can speak to your faction leader about other territories and how you can help them. In this situation you would be asked to bring 300 greenwood into WW to bolster their supplies. Maybe found as “Everfall Greenwood”.
And if you are already in WW you may be asked to gather resources from other regions and bring them back into WW. Again, these would need a specialty tag on them. So lets say it is “Monarchs Bluff-Iron Ore”.

Obviously more quests would need to be made, but the idea is to have people from all over moving around and doing things. Some people may already be inclined to go from say Restless to Reekwater. You are already planning to make the run. So you talk to your faction rep and see what is needed in Reekwater. Then you go gather it up and bring it over to the faction rep in the other town. To which you get your reward for helping.


Now that we have a way to start wars, lets say we throw a territory into conflict. And we now have our 24 hour+ timer for the actual war. During this time, Your faction can assist you by donating to your war efforts. All kinds of items and resources which provide bonuses during the war.
NOTE: The higher the quality of the donations listed, the more points it puts towards filling the reserves of the armies.
Food - 10% HP and MP bar
Potions - Bonus to being healed. Maybe it unlocks potions from being purchased in the armory’s.
Weapons - 5% more damage
Armor - 5% Damage reduction
I think you can see the direction these are going.

You can also do resources.
Stone Bricks - Used to repair walls during the siege.(More on that later)
Wood - Repairing doors
Ore - Repair Siege equipment and make Siege Ammo
Fibers - Making Siege Ammo (Like it does with Musket) Also for a healing bonus maybe?
NOTE: Again these are potential suggestions. Doing this gets the entire faction working together. The collection areas would be the Fort/Siege camp areas for PvP or your Faction Rep for PvE players. The PvP points would be worth 1.1 vs the PvE ones as 1. Essentially giving you a slight bonus if you do PvP flagged turn ins. (Dying during a turn-in run does cause you to lose your PvP marked resources. Which can only be gathered if you are flagged. Think like OutPostRush)


Now that we are prepared for war. Its time for the fight itself.
During this time, the attacking army would need to lay siege. (I Suggest having a new trade skill, Siege Craft). Your siege crafter(s) (Designated by the war leader), can place items on the ground like we do with camps. But it is instead, siege equipment. Catapults, Battering Rams, Trebuchets Etc. And you put your resources into building these. Think like the Giant Ballista corrupted use in Invasions. Their are no capture points outside the fort, you need to breakdown the walls or the gate to get in. If you use the Battering ram, it requires 6-10 people to swing it. (6 is weakest, and 10 is highest swing damage.) Once in, you need to get to the flag, and pull it down. Then raise your own flag.

During this time, the defending army would be trying to spot your siege equipment and stop you from building it. While at the same time, trying to find people to kill and pick off. You would have players using your stored resources from the previous phase to do repairs on walls and doors. Like the previously mentioned stone bricks, wood, ore, etc…
Defenders can go in and out of the gate as much as they want, until a battering ram is within 50m of the door. If attackers are inside, you are fighting to keep your flag flying. This requires interaction with the flag pole. DoT effects, do not stop you from switching flags. Direct hits do. (Meaning that a single poison arrow would upon first hit stop the taking of the flag, but the AoE after effect, would do nothing.)

After the war, your faction gains double territory bonus for 24 hours. During this 24hour period, PvP missions cannot be pushed for this territory and the fort is automatically locked preventing another faction from taking it.


EDIT To add more:
On top of what I had originally posted.
This would give a place for unwanted gear to be donated. And give people more reason to do crafting. In my opinion the item drops in this game should never be above green quality. And all blue and higher items should be crafted by players.

Instead of dropping loot able items, it would be better to drop one time use crafting recipes.
Have these crafting recipes craft able by everyone regardless of your crafting skill. However, if you have high crafting skill. Then the item would actually be improved on.

You find a blueprint for a T3 weapon that does 200GS and 100 damage with 2 perks (Preset).
If you have no skill on this you craft the item and get exactly what it shows.

If you have high skill you craft the item and get what it shows + maybe a 10% to GS and damage and a 3rd hidden perk. This 3rd perk can be forced with a crafting mod or random rolled just like current crafting is now.

You could also salvage the recipe and get your coin and repair parts for it.
NOTE: Some may ask where these come from a blueprint. To this I ask you, who do you give money to when repairing your gear in the middle of the woods and nobody is around.


Another potential idea. However this one I posted back in the Alpha.
NOTE: I know some people think this would cause problems between companies rather than just factions, and I am ok with that.

Inter-faction wars:
Currently we run PvP faction missions to put for wars in a territory. I think we could have another 2 new NPCs in town that give ‘Rebellion uprising’ quests and ‘Quell the rebellion’ quests.

It is essentially the same thing as the war quests, but is for starting or stopping a rebellion. The purpose of this would be to do inter-faction wars. The rest would work just like the OP posting but instead of your faction vendor you would be brining resources to the side you plan to support. Rebels, or Guards or whatever you come up with for the 2nd group.

NOTE: A new PvP flag would then be needed as well labeling you as a upriser or a queller. ← Definitely need better names, but you get the point.


Town Management:

I think territory owners should have a way of purposefully downgrading select upgrades that they view are not good to have. This is mostly due to the lack of a working progress bar for town upkeep. Some companies cannot afford further upgrades. Also, any downgrade is random.

Example in the screenshot. I want to downgrade the Forge and the Kitchen both to T2 and I want to keep all refining stations.
But any downgrading is taken off the top tiers, meaning to lose the Forge and Kitchen, we must now sacrifice ALL the refining stations. The refining stations are all we want to max out and it feels like we are being punished for getting a territory that we can NOT customize to our own company’s needs.


Here is a previous post I made regarding OPR (With a slight edit):

  1. Remove the Demon Brute:
    Can someone please tell me, where in the lore are we able to summon corrupted demons to fight alongside us?
    The Demon brute is a terrible addition to this as it breaks all sense of “Fighting the corruption” as you are actively summoning it. Feels totally lore breaking. Add maybe a “Champion Mob” Or something.
  2. Remove the Scoring system:
    Leave the timer, and have it that whomever controls two forts at the end is the winner.
    NOTE: To do this, you also need to make so that any forts being contested is actually contested and not fully claimed by either side. Right now you only take it away if you FULLY capture a point. But you should be able to throw it into conflict.
    If you want a shorter game option, have it where if 1 side controls all three forts for 5 minutes that side wins.
  3. Expand the capture point.
    Capture points need to be expanded to be the entire base, not just some circle in the middle of a fort. If players are on the walls, they are contesting you.
    NOTE: Very simply put, you force ranged players into melee fights just to contest 1 player in middle of fort. Thus you are making it more difficult for ranged players. Especially since its impossible to range shot down a single healer standing still just healing.
  4. Need roles for balanced teams.
    Setup Roles, Ranged/Melee/Tank/Healer. Right now it seems many games have 1-2 healers on one side and 5-10 on the other. Its not balanced teams.
    NOTE: You should also have a specialty role for PvE. These players are then ranked on their PvE scoring not PvP.
  5. Remove your teams summons.
    Allow players to remove summons so they can put in better ones. This should be a 5 second de-summoning and can only be done if you have another summon to take its place. It should also announce to the army. (So and So has unsummoned ____ and replaced it with _____.) This way we know someone changed the summon and who did it. (Give some Recognition to the PvE players!)
  6. Healing Circles
    Make healing circles for each team more understandable. Currently there is no way to tell the difference between friendly and not-friendly healing circles. This causes players to move towards a random circle on the ground not knowing if it is helpful or not. And potentially causing them to make poor decisions because they are in need of a heal.

Thank you and lets discuss.

NOTE: If you just want just PvP you should be asking for a new team death match game mode. I am suggesting improvements for the mode based on the PvE setting they have set up already.


Have destroying Corruption Portals slow down the timer for invasions. Since we are fighting the corruption, I see the corrupted portals being more of a PvE Corrupted War bar push.

For each corrupted portal that lasts longer than 1 hour corruption would gain .25% in the War bar. Then another .5% every 4 hours.
For each portal removed after 15 min but before this 1 hour marking. You prevent the portal from pushing the Corrupted war bar.
For each portal you close before the 15min timer you can remove .25%.

Larger portals push at a rate of .5% in the first hour and 1% every 4 hours%.

Doing this allows companies/players to push back on the corruption and slow or even stop invasions from happening.

Or just have a hidden bar somewhere that the more you fight back and close portals, the weaker the invasion is and easier to defeat. Maybe have a cap of 20% less HP on Invasion mobs due to significant efforts to close portals and prevent corruption from taking hold.


Currently Void Ore, which is only obtained through mining Orichalcum which requires 175 Mining skill, is the only thing that is gathered through a gathering profession that is a Primary component of top-quality equipment. Simply put, Voidbent armor requires this ore and all equipped Voidbent armor guarantee max luck and socket. Which made it so that mining was multiple times more profitable than all other gathering professions combined.

Look at this list:
Logging you get Wildwood and Barbvine for Glittering Ebony
Skinning you get Smolderhide and Scarhide for Runic Leather
Mining you get Tolvium and Cinnabar for Asmodeum
Harvesting you get Scalecloth and Blisterweave for Phoenixweave

This severely imbalances the value of Mining way over the rest of all gathering professions.

I request you add Specialty Items like Void ore to all other gathering professions. Also, do NOT trickle in 1 thing as a time making a flavor of the month style additions. Put them all in at once.


Currently you can fuse gems together to make higher quality gems.
(NOTE: You cannot combine Pearls however)
I think it would be best if you could NOT combine gems to upgrade them into higher quality ones. Quite the opposite actually. I think you should be able to ‘break’ higher quality gems into some lower quality ones. But if you want a pristine gem, then someone should actually go mining and ‘find’ this pristine gem.

For example (Values depending on skill level):
Break a pristine Gem, into 3-5 Brilliant
Break a Brilliant Gem, into 3-5 Regular
Break a Regular Gem, into 3-5 Flawed

I am also kind of curious. The proposed idea makes sense to me, and I see where people would be against it because precedent has been set already that you combine things to make them better. However, if combining gems is perfectly fine the way it is. Why can we not combine Pearls?

Thank you for reading this and let me know if you have any questions.


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Regarding this suggestion, I do personally see a few great opportunities for the game.

Alternate resource sinks are always going to be good for a game like this, as many people continue to stockpile masses of resources. Having various ways to dump them into meaningful content is always a bonus.

Adding depth to war, and adding prep-time and required materials to warring over territory means gives the territory way more value. By sinking time, resources, and strategy into a war, you’re giving players a really strong reason to hold claim on that land. Maybe it has just been the servers that I’m on, but people have fought over locations time and time again, only to be bored of holding a town after a while.

Another suggestion I would like to layer on top of this is extending the window for wars from 2 days to 1 week. This added gameplay would fit nicely into the 1 week window as you could be notified that you’re going to war 2-3 days in advance, push the resources and materials for the war campaign, go to war, then have a 4-5 day grace period after the war where you cannot have war declared on that territory. This would give people the time to recuperate from the stress of having to plan a war and fight it.

For larger servers that don’t have issues with fielding war groups, this gives the non-warring players in companies a huge role in the war prep stage. Gatherers, crafters, and refiners all can dump materials and time into fielding a better war effort. Attacking forces could stack resources over and over, in an attempt to win with better economics, or they could go in understocked and try to win by bleeding out the defender’s resources. The economy of war could be extremely interesting with a mechanic like this.

PvE,PvP new event? - Game Feedback / Game Feedback - New World Forums


So i know there is a outpost rush right now but i think there can be an awesome PVP event with some material loots (Iron,Steel,Starmetal ingots, Sateen,Silks,…) which makes PVP players to farm less. but first of all every settlement needs a stockpile or something like that so players can donate some resources or whatever for a good reward

settlements can trade each other or send resources directly by waggon and players should sign up for this event, those settlements that are sending the waggon can only choose players from their own faction and raiders can be from all other factions together, and winners can obtain 10-15% of those resources and with some extra faction tokens, reputation for defenders.

Add few defenders NPC to all territories fort but players should upgrade their fort first To be able to use them

What can you do by settlement stockpiles resources?

  • You can upgrade your forts defenders NPCs armors and weapons

  • Leveling all benches, smelting,Kitchen … require some resources

  • Designing your city

  • Capacity of donation for each player is 2000 every day and the reward depends on items quality

And please if it’s possible add rainy, lightning and snow weathers to all territories specially for cities but make it optional for players to turn it on or off

Thank you! and excuse me for my weak language :smile:

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Moved to bottom of OP.

introduce war fatigue, its the same players joining the wars for each faction, one of the major content of game is locked on few players only

invasions, another major content locked to. few players only, what about making a small invasion for each company so everyone can experience it

All good suggestions.
I would also love to see Wars have more meaning or impact on the gameplay. Currently they feel like a “by the way we’re at war for 15 min” thing.
I like the idea of guilds being able to declare on each other. I would also love to see a mechanic where if a guild declares on another, their members will be flagged for one another outside of non pvp areas. If players dont want to partake in that mechanic they can stay out of guilds or join pacifist guilds.

There needs to be a way to pass the town to another guild within the same faction as well, or remove a governor by popular vote of the same company, as we had one quit the game and had to lose the town on purpose just to reset it.

I disagree with Auto flagging for Company Vs. Company inter-faction. Forced PvP should never be a thing.

War fatigue would be an interesting mechanic in the current way wars are done. But I really like this suggestion:

What do you think of this specific quote?

Well its not forced flagging, its a guild decision. One may also stay out of a guild that participates in these wars. So its not forced imo.

Edit 6 - Regarding Void Ore and how all other gathering professions have been left behind. Please see OP for further details.

Edit 7: Regarding Gem Cutting/Fusing

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