[Suggestion] Persistent Report Window

Now that all the shit-players are using the Hatchet Exploit for insane damage. I’ve been having fun reporting them all.

Problem is a couple of times they’ve killed me before I could send the report off.

What happens when you die while reporting? The window is closed.

So ya…if you want to exploit just make sure you:

a) Don’t type in chat
b) Kill them faster than they can send a report in

EDIT: Forgot to mention…I accidently reported a non-exploiter because of the above; I died and quickly tried to ‘H’ the exploiter and saw my initial report message was still there so quickly finished it and hit submit just as the asshat focused me. He died but after releasing LMB on Submit, I saw the name being reported was not the same person.

So…hurray. I just reported an innocent person because of this bullshit report system. Way to have it all fucked up with no /who or being able to open a Match status page, where you can right click names and perform an action (ie DM, Mute, Report).

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