[Suggestion] Please add speed potion!

Like others have suggested, mounts etc. If anything a speed potion could be good for better traveling.

Like a (you guys could name it whatever)

weak speed potion - Increase speed by 1.5% for 10 mins
strong speed potion - Increase speed by 3.0% for 15 mins
powerful speed potion - Increase speed by 4.0% for 20 mins
infused speed potion - increase speed by 5.0% for 30 mins.

something decent but not overpowering. Also if pvp is an issue with this, when a player flags pvp, just cancel the buff/potion all together and make the potions not usable in pvp.


…just a thought.

yeah im very excited to see the new recipes they add over time. speed potion is a great idea!

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I fully support movement speed potions or anything that players could use to travel faster. If there are concerns about use in combat you could make them disable once hit, or even make them.stagger/slow/trip over and faceplant once hit.

Why? The entire map isn’t that big.

Why have spirit shrines? The entire map isn’t that big.

Take them out.

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