Suggestion: put Outpost Rush rewards on cooldowns

It seemed like prices were inflating due to OPR spamming and I couldn’t keep up, because I’m not good at PvP. Right now, you get last place and end up on a rewards cooldown, but everyone else who already has what they need to succeed can get rewards every single run. The way I’m suggesting results to: if you got last place, then just que up again and you might get a reward next time; but if you got a reward, then you’ll not get another reward until your cooldown is over - feel free to play all you want though.


If the rewards were on a cooldown, then you could actually boost rewards and make a single playthrough more meaningful.

how prices inflating due to OPR spamming?

Right now more OPR playing means more rewards, which is a larger pool of money. By putting the rewards on a cooldown, those people that really like to team PvP wouldn’t have their play interrupted by instance cooldown, but the total pool of money on the server would be limited.

The pool of money on endgame level is already limited enough. At some point you are done with quests and OPR becomes one of the reliable money sources to pay your taxes or save up for a war.

Limiting that source even more will cause a lot more players to quit.

Start rather thinking about how to boost rewards of a game style and you like instead of shouting for limits to game styles you can’t be bothered with.


@Sephite if you would pay attention to the forums as a whole instead of degrading the quality of this suggestion in particular, then you will see that I have made a suggestion to improve the rewards to New World through the means of a PvE Outpost Rush substitute already. And don’t tell me that is just a “game styles you can’t be bothered with” because you already advocated against doing that.

Good you did. Then you should concentrate on the other post to be heard and this one here is redundant.

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Why would people want pve opr over a pvp one? Pvp one allows non pve players to make income to pay the pvers for their work in crafting, resources, etc. The game is full circle and if you see prices dropping its due to supply and demand.

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This. I login almost only to pvp and craft. Don’t take away benefits for players like me.

@Sephite Actually, there’s a big difference between my PvE Raid suggestion and the PvP OPR suggestion. I suggested that the PvE Raid mode have types of instance cooldowns, so that the PvP OPR wouldn’t have continuous competition to simultaneous player queuing. Please pay attention to the differences in suggestions for the Feedback forum, so you don’t waste people’s time with needless explanations. Rewards cooldowns don’t have to be excessive to remove revenue streams, they just level the playing field between the rest of the potential game to be developed… that way one player type in particular isn’t the king pin of New World.

Wouldn’t work because of low pop servers that see 1-2 OPR per day if that.


@MenoTwitch one of my company members was pointing out how well he did on OPR last night. Landing in the top 10 around 10 times. So don’t tell me OPR doesn’t pop in the evenings. I tend to play more in the AM and it doesn’t really pop at those times, so the rewards system is heavily biased to PM players as it stands and should have limits in place so no matter when you play you can get a meaningful reward - but not unlimited.

@Lakez So you’re asking why I want what I want? Come on man, I’m trying to offer up ideas that improve the game. People want to PvE too, not just craft for PvPers.

I very strongly disagree with this- Outpost Rush is the one source of organized PvP that is actually available to everyone (level 60) and is available at all times. Wars have limited slots so that most players by definition can’t participate, and also only happen sporadically.

Limiting rewards means enforcing a total lack of rewards for PvP for most players at most times.
At 270g average, OPR is not even a competitive source of income for serious farmers. You can make immensely more with a concerted effort in gathering, crafting, and trading.


Bad post unfortunately. OPR even needs better rewarding. I have 200 chest which i didnt open due to 500gs garbage i ll have if i open. Always capped azoth and yey i have more azoth.

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@LowKeyLuke running OPR all evening shouldn’t be the basis of New World. There should be other game options that offer rewards and OPR should offer a meaningful reward that goes on a reasonable cooldown as to not be abused by the people that run it continuously. Period!

IS this more “Grr pvpers are op, nerf please?”.

OPR is fine. Its needed and a big stress relief for people.

Learn an important lesson as you continue to spam useless crap all over the forms. Pvpers have a right to be competitive in all they do in the game to you pvers. Period.

Don’t like it? I suggest you reroll to something more your skill-level. Try frogger maybe?

Go Cut wood.


I am only stating that for some servers like Mine, US West Saknussem, We only got 2 OPR within a 5 Hour time period.

Running OPR all evening should be an option. Many players find it the most fun activity. It is literally the only organized and rewarding PvP you can run all evening.

There ARE other game options that offer reasonable rewards- in fact much more. Elite zones, Expeditions, Arenas, gathering, crafting, and trading already grant more rewards per hour than OPR anyway.

Taking away OPR rewards is nothing more than making PvP completely non-viable as a consistent rewarding activity.

@Nourri Ok, useless would imply you never responded to me, so you must have found a use in this to have commented so harshly. I am involved with development ideas here and you are involved with name degrading, shot calling, and status quo advancements. Not what I would classify as doing a good job here. Maybe you would be better off helping people the bugs and exploits department with suggestions like that.