[suggestion] pvp scaling

In the open world people get bored . Repetitive things to do and so little to keep occupied.

Enter the bored pvpers , got to 1-25 area kill flagged farmers or questers .

Rinse & repeat.

1-25 LEVEL check, if over level 25 no ability to flag in that area.
so forth and so on for each level capped area.

they already added PVP scaling
you can test this
find a high level with more stats then you
wear the same level of armor class
hit one another
notice how much more damage you do then the higher level

edit: also use same weapon and same type of attack (light/heavy) of course

not this kind of scaling . please go back and read.
you can still go to low level areas completely maxed and wreck people.

2 low levels should kill a high level, it isn’t that serious, game doesn’t need to continually compensate players who want to invest 0 time into the game

I see you’re against this but you hold no arguement for a better solution . Thus meaning you’re against the suggestion on bias rather than offering a solution.
2 low levels would not be able to kill a higher level. I pvp farm so I know. Try taking time to actually test this, instead of just thinking it works because it sounds good on paper.
In the game if you’re geared properly (the higher leveled player) pvp scaling does not work against you.

Because flagging is optional and gives only reasonable bonuses, I tend to agree with @camlol in that players who’ve reached higher levels shouldn’t have that investment taken away from them. On the other hand, this has the potential to make flagging basically not an option for those in the lower levels. The problem becomes bigger the older the game is (and the more players have reached maximum level). Because of that, IMO, you either go full scaling (making everybody equal in PvP) or no scaling (fully rewarding the investment in leveling). I don’t think “moderate scaling” makes much sense.

is anyone even reading the thread? Go back and read the original post . Like you’re not even reading. Its about scaling within territories. YIKES.

Are you suggesting that a level 60 character plain and simply can’t flag in a level 1-25 area?

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Yes this shouldn’t be a thing

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