[Suggestion] Quality of Life Suggestions

Please display the number of items in each storage.

Please display somehow where the item currently is located. In Storage or on my person. It makes things a little difficult to organize & sell items.

Please for the love of god I don’t care if I see someone on my list of friends that I’ve muted and blocked. Why the hell do we have to see their name? Please hide them away.


Also this: Recipes and Schematics
And this: 2 QOL suggestions please read me devs
And that: [Suggestions] Trade Post QoL (prices in tooltip)
Also these: Need changes to OPR and PvP


I really like the idea but the storage/bag icon might be hard to implement since if u got 100steel on you and 100 in storage market will show you 200 as one stack. Easiest fix is to make them separate stacks but that will clutter UI and we also now how all quickfixes ended up breaking more things


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