Suggestion: Reduce coin cap to 250k or less

I’m not going to have a long discussion about this suggestion. I’m just wondering how big of a hoard players actually have to grind to and be reasonable. With a smaller coin cap there will be smaller disparities in prices of top end gear that people want to play with. Not everyone has the time to meet those requirements and pay for everything else in a game that has so many limitations on revenue already. Especially when considering new players, who join the game after many others have reached the End Game.


As it stands now, a lot of players are in a rewards frenzy, so they won’t even consider a rewards cooldown suggestion for OPR, as it contends with building up their hoard. Truly, so much so, that I would suggest renaming the game to “Dragon Quest: Quest for the Hoard”, if the main-title wasn’t already taken by a popular JRPG.

You keep spamming to try and reduce forms of income that don’t fit your play style. I get it, you’re attempting to be a squeaky wheel. The economy is revolving around T5 cool downs and materials leading up to that. The economy around T5 mats, linked AHs, recovering from dupes/exploits, are all reasons gold is worth more right now. People are saving vs buying except for T5 materials. No one is spending money on subpar legendary crafts. There many ways to fix that. Right now only certain tradeskills are worth it and the materials to level those. Their trade craft system needs some work. I would suggest being a squeaky wheel about revamping trade skills instead of crying over opr and gold caps. Couple that with good future patches with balances and content drops and the game will be in a much better spot


@Lakez I guess they could label the coin total in the inventory as the “wallet” or “coin purse”. Not too many people would imagine carrying around 500,000coins in a purse. Even in a fantasy setting that is based on reality, it makes sense that you would carry a reasonable sum in your wallet and donate to company treasuries before reaching the cap - as an effort to promote territory control finances. Then, fewer territories might be degrading, because the company in charge can’t afford upkeep… and more companies would be in a position to declare war. This suggestion for further limitation could stimulate the game by reducing the hoard frenzy, decrease price disparities for top end gear, and promote player participation in company treasuries. Not just a squeaky wheel, but a valid suggestion.

Or just increase T5 amount CDs

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There are ways to get around coin cap… you could just create buy orders or HODL to expensive resources / trophies. You can create mules and share money between characters.
Either way it solves nothing,

The cap should increase, not even have reason to be only 500k.

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This is objectively untrue on many is not the majority of servers. There are very few rewarding things to do in the game. The few things there are to do are completely inaccessible on a lot of servers due to how many players have left from either quitting or transferring.

For many servers, they are experiencing literally the opposite of the problems you keep posting about.

edit: in fact if we look at

we see that the VAST majority of servers do not have enough players playing right now to support reliable or fast OPR queues. They also likely have few people doing dungeons and after the chest and elite changes, we likely saw a drastic drop in the number of players farming chests and bosses in elite areas.

The game is bleeding out due to a lack of content, particularly rewarding or worthwhile content. The exact opposite of what you’re saying is what is currently happening in NW.

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I think you can get around the coin cap by essentially having a one player company so its really of limited use.

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I could have a cap of 5k and I would not notice… unless I wanted to get bigger house. I think the cap could be lower, but the current issue is that it can be easily bypassed.

This post is a thinly veiled attempt by OP to complain about Outpost Rush and its perceived rewards being “exploited” by players “playing the game as intended.”

@Jesse3G has been harping on this nonstop, in differently worded posts, check their history.

The funniest thing about this opinion that people are making too much money on OPR is you still make more money farming Tolvium and Cinnabar in less time than you do in OPR, on my server literally you make 2-3 times more money mining than you do running OPR. And OPR if you are a try hard like me requires t5 Potions and food.

I don’t know what this persons agenda is or who hurt them but they are making suggestions out of maliciousness and not in the spirit of positive change for the game and community.

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@pezdspnzr and @Lakez As long as we’re pointing to my other suggestions - give this one some love too:
I suggested a 15-20 player OPR PvE substitute raid style instance

Ooh, and if you’re going to whine about it, at least provide a link:
Suggestion: put Outpost Rush rewards on a cooldown

BTW, who’s worse? Me for making a couple suggestions open for discussion? Or the guys that follow me around the forums taking a verbal dump on me?

No one wants to help a whiner get more recognition. Just providing enough input from the community to prove your ideas are bad

@Lakez the links help people determine if your agenda against me is bad! You only pointed to one other suggestion and said I’m not credible based off from that bias. I guess it would make sense if you were forming a political party and wanted people to join you.

yeah, because that’s a really fun way to play the game. /s Really though, that’s a pretty weak loophole - if a company wants to take over a territory it takes more money, so your argument is invalid.

I also said most of your opinions about pve are off suit. I purposely ignored you gold cap bc it’s a realist fantasy game. Didn’t need an explanation there. Suggestion like yours are exactly what the game doesn’t need. The game needs more gold making methods and revamped crafting. The problem is demand drives prices. With limited supply and most other mats useless there’s limited ways to gain money while those people that contribute to the few ways spend it on materials for progression. It’s real simple supply and demand. Have a good day and I suggest again putting you spamming efforts to things that need correcting not nerfing things bc you get last place in OPR or your activities don’t earn you money. Later

Way to go, you dropped that bomb. I don’t need your permission. And you never know, I might have come up with something really good too. Besides, cooldowns are usually a given in MMO’s, it’s not like I invented them and that makes me dumb in a way that makes my suggestions invalid.

Good job, I have ONE suggestion for developing a PvE raid mode, with different mobs depending on level range of the participating group. So, that must mean “most of [my] opinions about pve are off suit”? Where the hell do you get off from posting that? At least say why - preferably, in the correct thread, so people can see where you’re coming from. I’d say don’t go over there just to post “all his other suggestions are dumb and that’s why this one is too, no one listen to him and vote for me!”, unless you think you’ve got to just be trolling and wasting time, but I could also reply over-there to a link to this thread and point out how that seems to be the case, so everyone can be as informed as you want them to be.

You suggested opr cd rewards bc it doesn’t benefit you. Get off the bike and stop back peddling. Another pve mode isn’t a bad idea but in your OPs you didn’t say any of that you just complained about OPR and inflation.

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@Lakez Oh, so now the PvE suggestion is a good idea, but you don’t like everything else I said? That sounds like back peddling done by you, so I should be able to have the same mobility - that thread hardly mentions OPR anymore.

You’re trying to hard. That’s the first time I read about your pve suggestion. Must of been buried in your spam. I read your OP and thought, “wow, this is another terrible suggestion by another terrible player.”

Btw: you can get top points in opr doing just pve. That might help you out