Suggestion: Reduce coin cap to 250k or less

Hell no, I repeat absolutely fuck no. Raise the cap to 5 million. Put siren back at 2,500 gold per arena especially since it’s now gated behind a serious material grind and call it a day. This guy’s crazy trying to lower the cap. Economy needs more ways to produce gold, not less.


well, if you’ve got all sorts of quality on tap, [for suggesting a new PvE game mode to develop], I would say “just point me in the right direction” but you’re all over the place man. Happy Thanksgiving, I’m going back off to go enjoy it myself.

I already did point you in the right direction just read. Happy thanksgiving

Players that want to have large coin stockpile have a clear way around a coin cap through the company system. Company perks are easily bypassed with the friend system and third party apps like Discord. Secondly items with high value will keep their high value and players will find ways to trade items for items to get around that. For example Runescape has a trade coin max and players get around that by trading other items for the valuable items. If the coin cap is 250k and something is traded at 300k the players can just trade the item for 250k coin and a few voidbent ingots or something else of high value.

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