[Suggestion] REMOVE Kick Option from Wars and Invasions

You forced us to merge. Now the newcomers are treated like outcasts.

Way to fuck up the community, AGS.

Remove the ability to boot players (until you can get the ones you want) from Wars and Invasions.

If you want, you can even up the “pre-select” to half the roster as a compensation.

((And no. This isn’t a case of “git gud” this is a case of “you can’t sit here [as the new kid in school]”.))
((And no. I’m not the one. Just read it on the Discord of my old server.))

Seriously. You guys should have known this would happen even before mergers were even a thing. If the Leader can kick people from the Army. Why wouldn’t they use it to filter in their guys.

Old problem that AGS has acknowledged but provided not solution yet. Because there are actually legitimate arguments for being able to kick someone. Like if you suspect they are not trustworthy and may sabotage your War defense for the enemy or Invasion defense just to troll or AFK them just to get them over with faster and collect rewards sooner.

The solution is actually simple – completely separate Settlements from any player influence. Make Wars another type of instanced PvP activity you queue for, like Outpost Rush.

Or either include the current physical place of fort as invasion separatly like a pve event, this I think can be done easily as if it were an OPR, while it is announced and ppl just queue up without any kicking management since its not dealing directly with the city duo to be a separated pve event.

Its kinda hard to separate war/invasions and kick until get a good team.
Because if I had a territory, I would like the most effective team to have a chance to don’t get the downgrades instead of just let any random to mess up and increase the fail/loss rate.

Plus us… that don’t own territory… we didn’t spend a dime to acquire it, while the company that owns it, spent and earns $$ back too… so like or not, I believe its their right to filter even if you or me get filtered out.

Then they shouldn’t have given ‘the community’ the chance to sign up. It should be the owning guild’s responsibility to field enough players. Then fill in with PUGs.

But the way AGS decided to set it up. Gives the impression that this is a ‘community event’…until the leader starts booting people that aren’t in their guild. - Essentially, it becomes like a raid from games like WoW.

Honestly wouldn’t mind that…fact…

I would make Settlement downgrades tied to Invasions and Fort downgrades tied to War.

Invasions use the Influence Bar (just like Wars); so Corrupted are “pushing” and Players are “pushing back”. All over a course of a week. If, at the end of that, Corrupted have maxed out Influence…‘invasion succeeds’ and downgrades happen.

This way it’d be much harder to sabotage Invasions because it’ll be hundreds of OPR-like skirmishes throughout the week.

With Wars, make it like a WoW Raid; your guild vs their guild. Each side can “hire” (yes. You would pay them coin; maybe 50g if you lose, 500g if you win*) mercenaries from the same faction (and only their faction) to bolster their side (if they couldn’t field a full Army).

…while this isn’t really different from what’s done now. You, the players, at least know “Wars are not community events”. Which, atm, is how both Invasions and Wars are presented.

Note: I’m not referring to, nor wanting to change how Wars are “pushed” with our faction PVP missions. It’s the actual war event. It shouldn’t be a public event if Leaders can just kick to filter in their guild.

*I specifically want to incentivize them to work for a victory. A 10x boost to their pay would definitely work to make players want to win even if it’s not their guild running the war.
((This is in addition to the current War Reward we get from ‘the system’.))

Note: These “Payouts” come from the War Declaration fee (the more you put into the ‘war chest’ that is currently 5k /10k /15k the more you can hire). This way it can’t really be abused… “yo man, leave the guild and sign up so we can generate money from us hiring you”. Won’t matter. The money is coming out of what you already put up to fund the war.

Note: All these values can be changed. But the goal is to avoid exploiting and to make it so you’re actually funding the war and not just dropping coin into a ‘donation box’ that ‘the system’ controls; essentially a coin-burning if we were to reference cryptocurrency.

Could even use the above changes I mention for Invasions. You don’t win a war with a single battle (usually). So they could have multiple instanced ‘skirmishes’ that slowly push the War Effort in either the Attacker of Defender’s favor. At the end of the week, the result is delivered: Defenders either won or lost.

Again, since this is multiple battles over a week. This means more players have a chance to participate and there’s a near-zero chance of “throwing a war” to make the Defenders lose.

Obviously, AGS would need to adjust rewards since now it could be hundreds of battles fought…at the current reward levels that’d be potentially millions of gold ‘created’ each week.

Hopefully explained it well. :crossed_fingers:

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